Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Exactly. Like 3 months after the developer nation Russia got their Mig-29. Wish it would be similar with German tech.

That was because it was delay by something so it missed the update same with the Italian Tornado.
Quiet understandable as that update a lot was happening.

The A5 was never available for Germany.

Which makes the Swedish tree more unique and it not like Germany are lacking in bombers.

The ju86 was used by Germany and they should get it aswell.

And uniqueness is the most stupid argument. Then sweden shouldn’t have gotten a single bf109 because it makes the German tree less unique

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It’s simply different standard which some nations get and that is stupid.

These vehicles were developed, produced and used by Germany, but aren’t in the German tech tree. While the Ar196 A5 is in the swedish tech tree because they caputured a few planes???


Thats actually right. When Sweden and Italy steal that much foreign units, Its making the tech trees less unique, not more. Indeed. Its rather watering everything down.

Thread only 5 days old yet it’s already reached 1K posts…

(And I’m also contributing rubbish comment)

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You’re welcome, count .) This forum could use more activity anyways. Its far less content happening than in the old one.


No but I don’t take you seriously anymore. This isn’t a meme topic aswell. It’s about the next update. A german Arado 196 A5 could be added in the next update


I forgot how dead the old one was tbf

I would argue for a df105 in the french tree aswell. It’s stupid that some nations don’t get their vehicles in the tree

Oh god this line of thinking would remove a lot of vehicles for Germany (and many others) and objectively make it less compelling to go down.


Its a 50/50 thing. Could go to both countries, indeed.

mhm I mean the Argentina one I’m ok with as Argentina is more or less a unofficial sub tree

Why? There are still a few floatplanes germany build in ww2. Unlike sweden Germany has a use for float planes because they have naval tree.

A Ar196A5 would be a easy c&p aswell

Probably. But its imho better to go a step back. This copypase-a-gheddon got a bit out of control, lately.

what’s this argument all about

Isnt the Arado the scout plane in naval for Germany?

Tho the argument of “why does country not have x when other country has x” is really dumb

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we are talking about the df105 not the sk105. The df105 should be in both trees. Even the name suggest that: d=deutsch f=Français and then the gun calibre


They can turn naval games for sure. At early DD BRs its a very powerful tool to turn the game, when you suddenly land an Arado and snatch 1 or 2 distant cap zones. Unfortnatly just a few vets can do that.

Mains are upset about C&P and not having tech they want.
While attacking me for disagreeing with them,

Which is what a Discussion is two parties disagreeing and chatting