Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Because it’s a german plane and they have a use for a float plane. Right now all float planes in the german tree are bombers which need a long time to stop on water.

Not all ships have planes and even then having a naval plane in your deck is usefull.

I am not asking about the removal of the swedish one I am just asking that it gets added to Germany aswell.


i’m not sure what exactly this is all about, but if the floatplane is german and was used by the germans i absolutely do not see why it wouldn’t go to germany


The later cruisers have their catapult launched float planes. But at this BR AA and main gun fire is a completly different thing. Just landing on a naval capzone gets you just most likely killed. While having the Arado as seperate spawn at a lower BR in your lineup might be priceless.

And yes, you need the Arado. Cause the big flying boats can’t be used for that.

Like there is almost nothing different between the Finnish A-5 and A-3.

Guns are the same the bomb load is the same

That’s still the A3 not the A5.

The A3 is a rare event vehicle which isn’t on the community market anymore.

It’s one of the most famous german float planes and should be in the tree but right now the only way to get is buying the premium in the swedish tech tree

Almost as if that what an event is.

Like I said it’s your fault you missed it. it has nothing to do with anything else

As far as I agree with the rest of your posts this one just can’t be real. They delayed these jets on purpose so people would focus on other “top of the line” additions

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But why is the german one an event plane with more than 100+ used while the sweden is a premium with only a few captured?

If they already fucked that up they should at least add the A5 to Germany. It has better defensive armarment btw.

Captured ?

IIrc they brought them.

Because Gaijin thought they are too many planes in rank 1. Plus it really doesn’t fit in Germany’s doctrine

Yeah, good thing noone is arguing they cant or shouldn’t get one

What? 100 planes used in ww2 wasn’t doctrine?

Germany’s only float planes were the bv238 and bv138. Both really heavy and big targets. The he115 is better than those two but is very big aswell.

Germany was in need of float planes then and is now. Same for torpedo aircrafts

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Because they wanted something for a country and added it and didn’t see the immidiate need for Germany to get it.

Like just because one nation has something and you used it more does not necessarily mean you should get it in the same fashion.

Also its a Finnish subtree vehicle and iirc they bought/received them

Should Germany get it/equivalent at some point? Sure, i dont see why not

That is stupid and makes no sense. US had the F14 aswell and got the F16 together with all other countries because they were the main user and developed it

Should Germany get it/equivalent at some point? Sure, i dont see why not

All it takes is to c&p the swedish ar196a5 to the german tech tree and change the camouflage

Because they wanted something for a country and added it and didn’t see the immidiate need for Germany to get it

sweden doesn’t even have a use for a float plane. They have no navy (yet)

Its an arbitrary decision. They choose what to add, just because its “copy-paste” does not mean they should plaster it everywhere.

But they needed a low BR filler and they got one.

Like the Leopard 2A6?

Yeah that would be an example. And the 109 G2 would also be an example.

Could/should Germany get them at some point? Sure, but iirc neither really add anything. 2A6 is mostly an electronics upgrade over 2A5 iirc

I meant the finnish 2A6 and it has a longer cannon which increases the penetration.

Same could be said about the T2 or many other c&p vehciles aswell or any other c&p vehicle. It’s just a rule which only counts for Germany that they don’t get their vehicles

Yes that would be the marginal upgrade. Honestly does not change much in terms how one would play it

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50 pen isn’t marginal.

And my argument was if you say that you are against the c&p of the arado 196 then you should be also against the finnish leo2a6, because that is c&p aswell.

Sweden already had a good line up. Why did they get the leo2A6? There was no gameplay reason for it. The only reason was a top tier tank for the finnish line.
The Arado 196 has a gameplay reason and a historical reason to be in the german tech tree.

It’s really stupid to add foreign vehicles in other trees and then claim that they would be c&p if people want them in the developer tree.

It’s stupid that people here deny German vehicles used by Germany in the German tree.

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