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I have been playing this game with fervor, it is a great passion, however, the game has several flaws and some unacceptable ones that do not make sense, any new player is discouraged when seeing such a situation. Today I’m stopping the game and I hope the company takes precautions to not lose players in the future. It’s a huge imbalance, it’s impossible for a plane that’s on fire, without a wing and in a downward spiral to be able to recover and repair the plane, someone just goes there and crashes it, that’s frustrating and disappointing, what’s the problem? to point? what is the meaning of this? Why doesn’t the one who did all the work take the slaughter? Someone just goes there and is massacred in that state, this is ridiculous to the point of having no words to express it.

It’s a very good game in many ways, but the amount of bad things it has drowns out everything that’s good about it. It’s a farewell, I don’t recommend it for any new player.


You really want to work on it more… Burst fire more, go for the assist, change targets a lot…

You’ll get more kills and find you survive more by not getting fixated.

Crew skills, with logistics and weapons maintainence being something to look to.

This is bad advice to be honest and you should be mindful on the way you convey that…

That’s not the question, do you have enough skill to make kills, including as I mentioned, I left the plane completely useless, without a wing and on fire, falling into a tailspin, it simply wasn’t counted and someone else went there and took the kill for themselves with the disabled plane impossible to recover. As the friend above said, the game is a mess.

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It is a mess. Still fun to be had.Drink much , shoot things, swear a lot 😆

The game isn’t a mess just because you don’t understand it… Everyone says it’s a mess, especially when it’s not going thier way…

My advice is also directly to you about actually doing more and not being fixated on blaming the game for your problems, especially when you’re putting out a single sentence thread about how hard you are finding it because you didn’t get the expected outcome.

You know how to read? I wrote the situation perfectly and what happened, this is a problem with the game and unfortunately it probably won’t be resolved, but this problem is obvious, I won’t explain it again, if I had a recording of what happened you would understand, but in this case, enough imagine destroying a plane completely and leaving it useless and the destruction doesn’t count for you but for someone else…

If you want to understand, read again.

Don’t get mad at me, I was the one who tried to put out ADVICE to you rather than some random coming in to pander to you, and you go off at me for suggesting anything other than accepting the issue as being the game.

It got viewed 25 times before I responded, and within minutes of me responding someone else came in to pander to the issue… If I hadn’t, it’d have sat unanswered… But because I did someone else seen reason to throw a bone to the affected.

That is for readers to determine, not you.

You have a recording - you can post the replay link here and the time stamp of the issue within that replay.

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I accepted his advice and what I did when I played was to improve my skills more and more, looking at tips on the internet more and more, practicing maneuvers and reading about planes to learn more. However, what I wrote was the situation that frustrates and is disappointing for anyone, it doesn’t make sense to play a game in which your kills go to someone else.

Just wade in an fk people up and get fked up yourself.That is it.Learn by dying.You can see on this forum that you are in the company of some fine people and some complete dicks.Just enjoy yourself and pay no attention to getting killed.

Just try not to get hooked up too much on the kills, as as long as you get an assist, you did your part.

My point of switching targets and going for more targets will result in more kills because of the nature of the furball.

It is a hard game, but it’s worth it when you hit midteir, and get some more crewslots.

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