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Brief History
The K200 KIFV is a South Korean APC/IFV taking heavy inspiration from the American M113. The K200 first entered service in 1986, and has seen a range of variants – including SPAAs, ATGM carriers, and a range of prototype fire support vehicles.

In 2012, the Belgian company CMI Defence revealed a new turret design for the export market – the Cockerill Protected Weapon Station (CPWS). This turret comes in manned and unmanned forms, and can mount a variety of 20, 25 and 30mm autocannons. In 2015, CMI Defence and Doosan (the then-manufacturer of the K200, now fully owned by Hanwha) announced a partnership to mount the CPWS on a modified K200 chassis. Only one prototype was produced, and was displayed at ADEX 2015.

The KIFV CPWS30 mounts a 2-axis stabilised 30mm M230LF chain gun in an unmanned CMI Defence Cockerill Protected Weapon Station (CPWS) turret. This is the same gun as on the AH-64 Apache helicopters. It can fire all NATO standard ADEN/DEFA 30x113mm ammunition. The turret has a 2-axis stabilised panoramic sight, including a day/night thermal imager. The turret has an electro-mechanical power control system, enabling fast turret rotation, and letting the gun depress -10º/+45º. The vehicle has 6 smoke grenades located at the front of the hull.

The K200 chassis has a 350hp engine, capable of reaching a top speed of 70km/h. The vehicle weighs 13.2t in total and has a crew of 3 – 1 driver, 1 gunner and 1 commander. The KIFV CPWS has new rubber tracks that improve braking distance, maximum speed and the acceleration of the vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the rubber tracks can increase the top speed by 8-10km/h, and increase acceleration by 15-25%.

The vehicle is thinly armoured – it has a base aluminium structure, with add-on spaced armour all around. It is said to only protect against 12.7mm rounds frontally and along the sides. With the add-on armour however, it is said to reach STANAG 4569 Level 4, which would also protect against 14.5mm rounds from 200m.

The KIFV CPWS could be a fun light tank for a future United Korean tech tree, or alternatively a South Korean sub-tree, especially around the mid-tiers, having a stabilised gun with okay penetration for a 30mm cannon, on a mobile hull + thermals, giving it somewhat similar performance to the Wiesel 1A4.


  • 30mm M230LF
    • M789 HEDP
      • 25.4mm at 50º at 500m (brochure)
      • 51mm at 0º at 10m (in-game value)
    • Various NATO standard AP rounds
  • Elevation angles
    • -10º/+45º


  • Spaced armour, resists 12.7mm rounds across the front and sides
  • Ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 4 with add-on armour


  • Speed
    • 70km/h (road)
    • 5km/h (water)
  • Weight
    • 13.2t
  • Engine power
    • 350hp, 26.5hp/t





KIFV gets more firepower with new turret – Korea | Thai Military and Asian Region

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+1 for United Korean TT!
Very interesting how DPRK suggestions get voted primarily for Chinese sub-tree while ROK vehicles get voted primarily for an independent alternative xd

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No North Korean players on the forums to advocate for a separate tree ;)

(it might also be because a South Korean sub-tree in Japan is very contentious, and the US, where it might also go, already has 5 lines)

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Very possible.
It is unfortunate how people just slap DPRK into a Chinese camp though, it shows how little is really looked into the matter of their military

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+1 Goblin lookin ahh tank.

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