KH-38MT Tracking through a smoke?

And I was wondering why i do get hit even through smoke screen…

Is not the biggest ANTI HELLFIRE AGM-114 LIMA argument: It could skill through smoke …
And yet here we are.


I believe that would be the IOG system in action. Smoke and move otherwise it will still hit the same exact spot it last knew to, smoke or not.


Real. We should get the LIGMA


I think the biggest argument is the sheer number of such missiles that can track through smoke (16) on a single aircraft.

the hellfires are kinda popo anyways. When you have an S1 that’s tracking you from the moment you took off.


Have you checked, whether it strikes if you move?

Replay says TRACKING till the Impact…

Can be easily limited to 8, but certain individual clams that it would be first case where the AC load out is artificially limited (Not true), but they would trow in any argument to prevent bringing such weapon system to WT.

It’s IOG. Basically the missile isnt actually tracking the target its just going in a perfectly straight line/guiding onto where the target would have been if it continued in the same direction. Combine with a half decent warhead and its enough to take out most targets. IOG is completely busted on most Western systems like Hellfire and barely works, but I’ve gotten something through smoke with a PGM before.

Its just time for Western nations to get an upgrade over AGM-65s. Something like Brimstones



  • FlaRakRad has to be stationary to fire
  • FlaRakRad is missing 50% of its mobility due to wrong gearbox
  • KH-38 is very fast
  • KH-38 has enough explosives to know you out even from a far miss.

In other words, you wont get far even if you start moving the moment when the missiles are fired.

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@Steelbeast Ok, well the screenshots don’t give a great angle to compare the LOS of the missile and its target very well may have still had an appropriate visual of the target since it wasn’t enveloped in the smoke. IOG makes the most sense, but by all means if YOU want to get better acreenshots so other people can judge the situations that would be cool. If not, then you’ll have to just take the most plausible answer, in this moment seeming to be IOG.

It might still be IOG. I have 2 theories why it says it was tracking

  1. War Thunder Replays can be a buggy mess and it wasnt, but just thinks it was after the fact

  2. It counts IOG guidance as “tracking” and was “tracking” onto a set point and not an actual target

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You dare suggest that NATO should get something that isn’t at least 20 years older than Russian stuff?


Sorry. How about Grand Slam bombs for the Tornado :D

Or maybe that is still too advanced and we need this to fight Pantsirs




I agree completely.

Mavericks are like… 30 years behind the Pantsir…?

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Probably, or there abouts.

The Brimstones would be too OP in the current state of the game. Maybe in 2-3 years.

Something like the AGM-179 JAGM would fit better right now. But Brimstones further in the future.

Happy ?

Might be replay bug but in other replay when flying IOG it say SEARCHING (SRC).

Like it was in this case:

That far miss got my FRR killed…

So IOG or not Frankly I would like to hear how to defend myself from the KH-38 not mention actually protecting rest of the team.

40 years