KH-38ML missile is not balanced in War Thunder's current enviroment

How is a weapon that outranges every SPAA ingame currently balanced?

A laser guided weapon which allows correction for moving vehicles, smoke, cover. It has double the speed of all other comparable missiles.

Should CAS mean 4+ free kills?


well… thats nothing nothing new



It really is. Gaijin insists AGM-114Ls would be overpowered but are willing to add weaponry that completely outranges SPAA. This hypocrisy is too blatant.


it doesnt, i have seen that since the a4e was introduced, the f16C is also able to. it isnt like spaag can actually counter an a6 or an a10 at those br, even the longest range spaag at those br can’t really hit you if you play them well

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The max lock range of AGM-65B is 10KM, that’s within range of all top tier SPAA.

Saclos SPAA begins at 10.0 / 3 / 7

There’s a difference between “can” and “can’t”.


it uses the AGM-65-D, 20km lock range. the f16C cant even take the agm 65 B to begin with.

they still out ranges them

I know, if you fly an a10 12km away, none of the sams that face you will be able to hit you as 12km>10km, ergo they cant hit you.


AGM-65D has 7km track and 65B has 4km track , it is also versus Pansir s-1, pansir can track and shoot them down , radars on others can not as they lack TWS (they have it IRL but gaijin)
BTW A6 can not drop bomb from 12km away and A-10 can not even see that far


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Fake ito can lock missiles flakrak can etc not only pantsir can lock onto missile and shoot them down

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go test

the agm 65b can easily track 8 km away.

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it says point , not track , if you move , it will hit ground

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you can track vehicles 8km away, thats just skill issue from your side.

gonna tell game code to help me with that next time


well from code you can track 12 km away.

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5.5 from clear weather

T-55 sized target . smaller and the range decreases , bad weather and range decreases, BTW i am not your mother so watch your tongue