Kfir canard/c2/c7



I would like to report a flaw that is harming performance in the game, the plane consumes a lot of fuel, and unlike all the others it does not have an extra tank, it is the plane with the highest fuel consumption in the game, could you add to the arsenal of these aircraft the extra tanks to improve performance in flight, it also appears that these models are capable of launching GBU, it would be deserved as several of the same level already have this weaponry. thanks!

Have you tried not running full afterburner or afterburner at all 24/7 you dont need to be constantly going supersonic


Halfterburning all day, right? But you’re 100 percent right, throttle disicpline all day. Same with the J35XS, thing has no fuel on full afterburner either. The Kfirs do have fuel tanks modeled, but they aren’t operable and have to be equipped with bombs.

I really wish I had learned halfterburning a year or so ago because I lost quite a few matches due to me needing to return to base for more fuel. I suggest you use this until external tanks are added as it’s extremely useful.

Which is such a shame as it was one of the first jets to have drop tanks.

The draken is much worst, slower in military power, less max fuel time !!!

The Kfir Canard can stay close to match in military power, and even close to 0.80M while turning not too strongly

Same here, I thought it was a binary thing XD