Kfir C.7

I was really suprised when i got finally under 12.0 game with kfir c7 took me “only” 92 games lmao… did someone else get to downtier with kfir c7 yet ?

Probably got a few but that was before F-16s and mig 29s got added.

There would be an easy solution to that immense problem. Give 12.0 half the matches 12.0 only (these matches are already in the matchmaker) and we are all fine. I have no clue why its not.
10.7 gets full uptier 1 maybe 2 out of 100, 11.0 it’s vice versa.

Kfir C.7 would probably be fine at 11.0 with C.2 at 10.7. Unless Python 3 will receive some serious IRCCM soon. With the C.2 the matchmaker is a little more favourable than it is for the C.7 currently.

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Kfir C.7 is in such a terrible spot to play right now. No radar, relatively low amount of flares for the type of missiles it will face now, and the missiles that it has are decent at that tier at best. it is an absolute nightmare to fly

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how does it fly compared to mirage 2000 they look very similar

It is a completely different aircraft.

Its based on the mirage 5 but with massively more thrust and canards so it seems like its not lacking in the maneuverability department especially at 11.3 which should allow it to see the swarm of 10.3 premiums. I have a hard time believing this aircraft suffers more than the j8f which almost exclusively faces 12.3s

Mirage 2000 is superior in performance and weaponry.
Kfir C.7 is comparable to J-8B but less likely to get downtiered.
That was the situation before the Sons of Attila update at least.
Every aircraft placed at 11.0 or higher which is lacking decently performing radar guided missiles and/or a capable radar to guide them with is borderline useless.
F-4J/S or even FGR have greater potential in the average situation.
Since Sons of Attila aircraft equipped with only AIM-9M or R-73 or Magic 2 which all have IRCCM could still perform decently but I believe there is not a single fighter in game which can be armed with those that does not also have a capable radar and capable radar guided missiles.

Since the addition of M29, SU27 F15 and F16, the Kfir C.7 suffers big time. I got no radar, my missile 95% of the time fail on the 12.3 jets. I played a few matches now, I don’t get anywhere in a dogfight against a SU27 and Mig29. Its disgusting. Meanwhile if a face a 12.3 Jet I eject. I haven’t won a single 1vs1.

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That’s my story with F-4S, I only feel confident when I see other F-4Ss in enemy team.

This plane is complete garbage

Should have left it at 11.0 with 4x 9Gs

Complete garbage? Absolutely not, skill issue. Not meta? yeah.

Never played a d wing or anything fra/isr, opinion discarded

lol. somehow this community still thinks that despite owning literally 85% of planes that exist currently in one form or another, I am not able to make an educated inference. I’m assuming you NEVER speak about how good planes you don’t own? Ever? Not even “that planes pretty good”? I know more than you do about your own planes I imagine and I’d bet on it lmao

Also did you just say I’ve never played a delta wing buddy? I own rank 7+ in 6 nations (7 nations if you count Sweden but I only played a premium to unlock that so it doesn’t really count) Do you want to repeat that?

Btw, you haven’t played enough games in any of these to even say you have experience lmao. You touch a plane for 3 games then go to the next one like some ADHD child.

I don’t say this lightly, you’re a moron lmao.


Oh and it’s funny you wrote community, you must get ragged a lot.

0 effort reply, not going further talking to somebody who has zero clue how to fly, sounds like you’re just here to bait. bad stats and bad takes

See you again next time when you have calmed down!

Stats are not very indicative usually. A little self publicising are you?

One of the biggest issues Kfir has are wing rips. That is a rather costly handicap to have in it’s current situation, which is why I do not fly it anymore myself.