Kfir C.7

I was really suprised when i got finally under 12.0 game with kfir c7 took me “only” 92 games lmao… did someone else get to downtier with kfir c7 yet ?

Probably got a few but that was before F-16s and mig 29s got added.

There would be an easy solution to that immense problem. Give 12.0 half the matches 12.0 only (these matches are already in the matchmaker) and we are all fine. I have no clue why its not.
10.7 gets full uptier 1 maybe 2 out of 100, 11.0 it’s vice versa.

Kfir C.7 would probably be fine at 11.0 with C.2 at 10.7. Unless Python 3 will receive some serious IRCCM soon. With the C.2 the matchmaker is a little more favourable than it is for the C.7 currently.

Kfir C.7 is in such a terrible spot to play right now. No radar, relatively low amount of flares for the type of missiles it will face now, and the missiles that it has are decent at that tier at best. it is an absolute nightmare to fly