Keep losing control and crashing for no reason (not over g)

Over the last few weeks about once a game i lose total control and the plane just hits full rudder and goes straight into the ground, is it just the server or something else, it’s getting annoying and embarrassing to just randomly crash 1-3 times a game and every realistic ground i play because of this, can’t even have fun anymore and then it locks my plane for the next game cuz i crashed right off spawn

Is someone cooking with a microwave in the next room? (Wireless keyboard?)

Or are you getting a pop up on your computer and changing focus out of the game (thus losing control)? Try ALT+TAB to quickly switch apps (and witch back if needed).

Or even… a sticky keyboard? Pull the batteries and put it in the dishwasher - let it dry out and try again (too much cheatos dust suck under the keys).