Kagerou-class,yukikaze(1945) berry luckyship!

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Have you forgotten about the destroyer Yukikaze?
destroyer yukikaze(1945)

Main armament
turret×2 127mm/50 3rd year type canon×2(typeC)
turret×2 610mm type93 model1,mod 2 torpedo×16
Type 94 depth charge thrower×1
sub armament
turret×5 Type 96 25mm triple machine gun
turret×14 Type 96 25mm single machine gun

Of the 38 Kou-class destroyers (Kagero-class destroyers and Yugumo-class destroyers) that were the main destroyers at the time, Yukikaze was the only one who survived until the end of the war.Despite the fact that the Japanese Navy’s destroyers were deployed in intense battles and had very high attrition rates, Yukikaze defeated the 16th and 17th Destroyer Squadrons (Hatsukaze, Amatsukaze, Tokitsukaze, Urakaze, Isokaze, and Hamakaze). It was a sister ship. It was one of the. , Tanikaze), Shigure of the 27th Destroyer Squadron, and others participated in more than 16 major operations, from the Battle of Surabaya to the Battle of Cape Bono (battleship Yamato kamikaze).Among them, Yukikaze was called a miraculous destroyer, achieving great results and ending the war without suffering any major losses. After the war, Yukikaze’s strong luck became widely known and was praised as the Yukikaze of Kure and the rain of Sasebo.

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+1 It’s needed considering Akizuki is the only DD with decent AA

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Nothing that relies on 25mm Japanese AA has “decent” AAA!

But Kiyoshimo has 28 of them - just 1 less than this …


Ship is very nice but I have doubts regarding its balancing. At one hand only 4x127 with only HE would suggest a low BR but then long lances could be too op for smaller maps. The yugumo is already in weird position being sometimes too good on small maps but mostly too bad. I think post war destroyers would make a better fill to current japanese lineups.

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I don’t know about that the ships sub 4.3 with those 25 mm/60 Type 96 guns are mean as LAA goes, Be it the Type T-38 at 1.7 ( 1× single mount) or the Chidori class Torpedo Boat at 3.7 ( 2× twin mounts, 6× single mounts) or the Hiburi/Mikura class Kaibōkan at 3.3 (5× triple mounts, 1× single mount), On those vessels where aircraft are more prominent they make light work of aircraft imho.

Still besides makings a second comment shouldn’t OP have posted this in the suggestions part of the forum over posting it here?