Ka 52/50 and Apache

So helicopters as you know have the 280 Sp loadout with unguided rockets and aam missiles and then they have the 560 Sp loadout that has the Guided stuff to but the thing is that you have the Apache 64A at 11.3 with the Hydras that pen 280mm and atas (atas is alright) and the AGM-114B and then on the Russian side you have the PREMIUM KA-50 with the S-8KO that pen 420mm and the Vikhr that can kill even planes and you have the LWS too. Then: Germany with its Tiger UHT at 10.3, Japan with the Longbow at 10.7 not 11.7, France with the Tiger HAD that sits at 11.0 with the AGM-114K and SNEB rockets that are similar to the russian rockets, Sweden with the AHS (apache 64A) at 10.3 and the Mi-28A at 10.3 too and finally the israeli that have the Peten (Apache 64A) at the same BR with the Longbow both at 11.3. No wonder people hate helicopters at 10.3 :) (this is just cope you can ignore it if u want)

what you yapping about? All those BRs you mentioned are wrong for realistic battles except american apache and tiger had


Are you 100% sure you are talking about realistic ?

Far from correct, and also heavily cherrypicking stats and features without including drawbacks.

Yes the BR’s are indeed wrong sorry for that but the thing is the cost of sp for a Ka 50 loadout being the same with the Apache loadout

Pen isn’t everything, they have similar explosive mass, and both pen roofs.
Vikhr is easily dodged as a jet as it’s less maneuverable than an Igla.

Apache has thermals ka 50 does not

Yea ok but when i use the apache i can fire all my missiles on top of a tank and his fine maybe a track broken

So? Last I checked those don’t help you with hydra loadouts anyway which is half of what OP is talking about

Fine-tune your laser aim? You’re not forced to use the standard lock…

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You mostly do not fly without atgms at top tier it’s just not worth it

And tbh it does help you as you Dan spot your targets easier and plan on ambush

maybe later in the match, but if you do it early in the game you’re gonna know where ppl generally are in my experience

helis in general aren’t worth it tbh

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well except if you play russia as its your only good cas at this br

russia has plenty of vehicles that can effectively do CAS that are fixed wing

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Rockets sorry but yeah if u hit the top with the hellfire maybe it will do more that a HIT

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Russia has missile that have more range than the pantsir so a su 39 or su 25 sm3 can just stay 20, 25 km away and fire the Kh-29 or Kh 38 that will come in this update

and all of them are subsonic without thermals would rather use something like harrier or f-16 instead of su-25 …

if su25t and su39 had its historical thermals would be better

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