Ka-50 needs rebalancing and a new flight model

It’s all in the title. Despite getting higher in BR, Ka-50 is still absolutely dominating SqB and Realistic ground. OP doesn’t quite describe it. It’s a category of its own. The main problem is that it outranges anything that could counter it. AND its flight model when damaged is crazzy unrealistic: it continues manoeuvering regardless of the displacement of its centre of gravity, so it can basically ignore missiles and when hit continue capping or killing tanks. This is not just completely unrealistic, it’s game breaking.


Weird since the helicopter is the worst 11.0 on paper [single fire missiles even if they’re 10km, no thermals in thermal helicopter BRs], yet people still do good in it.
SQB I assume might be at its BR of 11.0. SQB meta aviation that can deal with them include F-5E, Peten, F-4E, F-4F, Su-22M4, Rooivalk, Jaguar GR1A, China’s F-5E, Z-19, Jaguar A, and Kurnass.

I do not understand how any SQB team could even have one person die to a Ka-50.
And Ka-50’s damage model is no different than Apache for myself.

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Oh no! A single-fire 10G missile has been launched at me! Whatever shall I do!
Dodge and brrt, that’s what I do.

Ka-50s have never been a threat to me in ground RB and I genuinely don’t understand how people have difficulties against them.
For random battles, you use ADATS or F-5 & similar equipment from other countries.

Rooivalk, Tiger UHT, and Apache are superior to the no-thermals helicopter.
Like the fact good Ka-50 pilots are seeing people exclusively with their Mk1 Eyeball is an example of their skill.

At the very least Ka50 needs a destructible rotor. The fact that it’s not modeled in is a huge advantage that allows it to revenge kill anything well after it’s “dead”.
But we all know why they won’t do that :)


could just make the Vikhirs trigger LWS again

The rotors are destructible, sir.

Lol yeah whatever you say, maybe if you deal it 5 times as much damage as it would take to kill an Apache.


5 times? Yeah no.
I’ve killed more Ka-50s with .50 cals than have killed me total.
Which is probably the biggest reason behind why I don’t see Ka-50s as a threat.

If you read my comment:

Jets don’t get MAW or LWS. If you’re busy fighting someone it’s very easy to be locked by a Ka-50 you didn’t see and have them send a vikhr into you while you are pre-occupied.

Bolded the important parts to make it more clear for you.

You barely play BR 10.0+, and when you do it is Russia, so that’s not really a surprise.

I’d say it’s more that Ka-50 pilots don’t have to hide from Pantsirs constantly.


I don’t need MAW to see a Vihkr inbound.
I play almost exclusively 10.0+, and I play mostly other nations, and rarely Soviets.
Pantsirs are one of many meta anti-helicopter SPAA.

Im not sure if you ever played helis at this point
Rooivalk’s missiles are slower then vihkrs and same as hellfire guidance which make it realistic maximum range MUCH less then vikhrs. It is near impossible to shoot moving targets at long range because you need to take into account every tree and house in front of tank because otherwise your missiles guidance will fart and go somewhere else.

“best controllability on rooivalk and apache” is this a really stupid joke? A slighest turn of a target can ruin your shot completely. It is as controllable as atgms with new physics. AND if you aim on smokes at any time after launch it counts as you completely turn off your laser.
Vihkrs just go forward no matter what is in front of you, you just point at target and wait for kill because you paid 50$

Missile speed doesn’t matter that much ONLY if there is nothing to shoot back, which probably is your only gameplay when you play KA heli because no one want to play against something that much unfair

mi-28 have TWICE less armor thickness which you can check with 2 clicks, its funny how you didn’t spend even 2 minutes on checking what are you talking about

Flares are, amount and how much is not

If you kill a jet with ka-50 thats not because jet player have skill issure, it is because you have aimbot on turret, very maneuverable missile that makes front attack from long range is much harder and a lot of flares. And you can’t be killed from top because of pantsir spam which nead wiped non-soviet CAS entirely.

Its amazing how you 100% wrong, literally everything you said wasn’t right and can be proofed to be wrong by spending 2 minutes in game

Thats how 99% of type91 missiles which hits right into ka heli looks like, with multiple shots most you can get - it loses one engine if you lucky enough and just glide back to helipad using last engine. Something like this never happens to any other helicopter.


Wow, that’s a lot of words and nothing of value stated.
I’ve played more than you. Rooivalk firing range is 10km, which is accurate as I’ve used that range in PVE many times.
Money has nothing to do with getting kills, congrats on being wrong there as well.
Ka-50 is such an easy helicopter to kill.
Ka-50 doesn’t have a turret, nor aimbot.

And your image has happened to me 2 times in Rooivalk, 2 times in Ka-5X, over 4 times in Apaches, once in Gazelle, another time in G Lynx… the list goes on really.

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Dude, you’re out here trying to bait good players into being upset with your intentionally provocative incorrect statements about vehicles.

another crying US main that never used ka50 in battle

Would like to see you prove how incorrect they are. Maybe there is a chance you actually test it and come to reality

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Or learned how to kill them with ease.

Sums up your participation in the forums to be honest.

They take contrary viewpoints for the sake it of it seems. Literally the only person I’ve ever seen suggest the Ka-50 is the worst 11.0 helicopter. If it isn’t just trolling then I am seriously worried for them.

You know we can see your stats in game, right?


Yes, which means you know I play 10.0+ the most and are taking a contrary viewpoint for some weird reason.
Ka-50s have the longest range single fire missiles & no thermals to aid in people finding targets… at 11.0.
Rooivalk you can ripple the missiles, while having thermals to aid spotting.
Ka-50s are the easiest helicopters to avoid, and to kill at 11.0.

I have the Ka-50 and the Rooivalk. To suggest the Ka-50 is easier to kill than the Rooivalk is just ridiculous. I’m guessing in your mind you’re thinking something like, “hmm I remember killing more ka-50s than rooivalks, therefore it must be easier.” I know you’ve shown your capacity for statistics in other threads, but just to reiterate - the fact that there are a lot more Ka-50s around compared to rooivalks, means you’re much more likely to get an opportunity to shoot one down. That doesn’t mean the helicopter itself is easier to shoot down.

Try stewing on that for a few minutes before replying this time, please.


lol You should never assume what people think, it’s disrespectful.
Ask what people think. “Why do you think Ka-50 is easier to kill than Rooivalks?”
And the answer is: Players have less visibility than with Rooivalks, so they get in closer in order to see with their mk1 eyeball better.

The reason there are more Ka-50s around is because of heli PVP. That’s it, the dead gamemode is the reason they’re around.
And no one has advertised the Rooivalk since it has released.

I was the one that stated facts from the game. My posts are not your posts.