K2NO Black Panther

Sweden main here
We claim it, it’s now ours and you can’t do anything about it, we are also taking the PUMA with SPIKE missiles

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Nah we dont want that rubbish puma

I wouldn’t say it’s rubbish
Good armor and pretty empty, only issue i have with it is the 30mm and the AHEAD rounds still not working + it’s slightly slower than the 40mm bofors

it’s damn fat 2

Sorry to say the ajax is superior 😉

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Well, i have not reqd up on the helicopters, but many of them seem to be modified as well

Norway could provide many trial vehicles, but the only modified ones are the K2NO and the Leopard 2A7NO, wich then only is two tanks, not much ;)

Denmark would eventually bring a modified trial leopard as well

So not that much trial vehicles, if one stick to the modified ones

AHS=Standard AH-64A
Mi-28A, standard russian Mi-28A
Those have nothing modified, same as T80U and are only trialed. The HKP was actualy in use, but not realy modified either.

bock standard 2a7v, nothing unique or modified either

i already told you, no they dont

your only one is the K2NO, which would end up in the Korean tree which would make way more sense, seriously, you are a joke of a suggestion moderator. You are completly uninformed about your suggestions and ideas.
Spread wrong informations about Gajins current implementation plans and more.

The 2a8s propably gonna be all standardised as well since they reached the new protection standard and want to include all modification. So not even that one would be unqiue or modified for Norwegian. But even if we say Norwegian tanks would be allowed as tech tree at ones. You are taking yourself way to much out of pocket to demand the K2NO as well.

@Til_Dovre_Faller and you still didnt clarify what you mean with this accusations

you are throwing around accusations and dont even answer to them

The Leopard 2A7NO has been given a new turret with modifications requested by norway, thus designed specifically for the trials in norway

Check sources ;)
I haven’t looked too much at it but from what i have seen and heard one would get one

What and who have i accused of what?

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Like what? internal modifications that have absolutly no relevance in the game or would make it minimal and irrelavant?

again, you have to prove that not me, that aint how it works, i am aware of most leoaprd projects a danish one with aps is not part of it

those, you are accusing germany of hoarding and demanding everything, which is wrong. On the contrary sweden/ you are doing that right now

Not even sure why you guys are arguing at this point
Sometimes unique vehicles that belongs to other countries are added
A lot of times copy paste are added even when they aren’t needed/wanted

In the end, no matter how much you’ll bicker with each other it won’t change what Gaijin decides in the end, wether you have a good/valid point or not
If you like the idea, vote yes
If you hate the idea, vote no

No need to argue about everything

Never wanted to argue xd

Armor and some other changes i said, i am researching it as we speak haha

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should be added to korea, simple as that, they are lacking mbts for the top tier line ups

if in service use yes no problem, but we are talking about trail stuff that never was put into service here

yes and i proved the current choice of gajin only wanting to put norwegian as event /premium vehicles
and denmark not being part of it at all. That prove should be accepted, yes it might change who knows how far in the future, but right now thats the implementation way from gajin

yes for korea

no for sweden

Thats another problem @Til_Dovre_Faller naturaly expects this vehicle should go to sweden and never put up a poll if it should rather go to its developer country korea, since it was not adopted by norwegian

if the guy continously says blatantly wrong statements, he needs to be corrected simple as that

There were two tanks of the k2 for the trials the K2NO and the K2 black panther

The original K2 with kaps aps and norwegia. Campuflage and the K2NO with the new turret with trophy aps, konsberg rws rs4 and the other armor changes and norwegian campuflage

why I have to see this again all after I explained why KAPS cannot be possible on K2NO

KAPS development is already halted years ago Norway select K2 as their candidate!


It’s intregated in the new turret

What in the xxxxking ‘new turret’ when K2 on trial was actually ‘XK2’ left in storage after Rotem finally start serial production of K2?

If you refering this concept it is just Trophy APS.

New turret with modifications, there were something on the hull too but it is uncertain what. Byt the new turret was designed/modified by norwegian requirements

In other words the K2NO was based on the k2, same hull, different turret

Only if added under South Korea to Japanese TT (with K1 and other variants) to fill their top tier.