Just roll back Mig-15/17 and F-86A/F

7.0~8.0 jets are outmatched in every single ways by them
And still they will be meeting migs and sabres huh


Take a few matches in the MiG-17 while it’s at 9.0, then tell us how you really feel.

You can get better matchmaker if you bring Chinese MiG-17 and your squadmate bring CL/Lim-5P and Japanese F-40 Sabre.

It is pretty insane. Only issue is F-104A tbh.


Fr. They could have just sent the F-104 to higher BR but they decided to compress the BR

And Gaijin just told us F-104 stay at its BR because of “sAaTiStIcS REEEEEEEEEEE” .


Guess gaijin snail’s fav is F-104

17AS and F-5 are both better and still face the same vehicles xD

Russia and US has really bad matchmaker so, if you play with squadmates who bring axis side planes, u can farm WR easier.

I have played several matches in the Lim-5P recently, and the only issue I have encountered is the F-104A. That’s it.

None of the Korean War jets needed to go down, especially since 8.3-9.0 was the single most balanced BR bracket in War Thunder.



This is just maddening, the F-104 gets to stay at 9.3 where it’s brutally oppressive, the J29s stay up, the french things stay up, the Venom stays up and the most meta Korean war-era jets go down. Awesome. And the discussion thread is still locked.

Worsening the competitiveness of the F-104 is the POINT, same for the MiG-19 and MiG-21. Instead we’re gonna leave old 8.0s at the same BR despite moving vastly better aircraft down to meet them, because their pre-move stats are fine. Do they not see the problem with their reasoning?


They’ve been doing the same thing since the game came out so yeah they don’t see the problem. Either that or its deliberate to anger the playerbase to keep people talking about the game

I might expect Me 262 A-1a, Me 262 A-1a/Jabo, Me 262 C-2b, MiG-9, Meteor F Mk 3, Meteor F Mk 4 type G.41F, Meteor F Mk 4 type G.41G, Venom FB.4, Sea Hawk FGA.6, F9F-2 & F9F-5 Panther and F3D-1 change BR for Air RB lower current BR