Just remove drones

❗Edit: I’m actually talking about attack drones. UAVs are (at least from my point of view) fine. Though that can surely be a topic of discussed too

Just that, remove drones.

They don’t really add any valuable or skill based gameplay to the game. They don’t balance out any vehicle class, quite the opposite, as they don’t really have a counter. Furthermore, they also don’t add any ability to change the tide of the battlefield, as they only have two missiles. The way they are deployed isn’t really realistic (though that goes for higher BR CAS in general). I probably could go on, but everyone is aware of the issues and the only argument that is needed is, that they don’t add a beneficial experience to the game.

Overall, matches are more balanced and fun without them and since you don’t have to research them, they could easily be removed from the game (at least temporarily until a better way of integrating them is found).


I dont see really problems with drone … If somebody use an AA evidently … But that is another problem…

i do not see a problem with the UAV drones, i actually find it quite helpful to spot enemy tanks, and especially flankers that you otherwise would’ve missed and suffered against. It adds a additional function to light tanks and adds a learning curve with a new gameplay strategy that i quite enjoy.

And in top tier, it gives the ability to Ground players only to be able to use a CAS vehicle (Strike UAV drone) without having to invest 1+ years into unlocking a strike aircraft

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Ok true, I should have differentiated as I do not mean UAVs they are actually very useful and don’t break the game.

I do agree. They are way too strong. It allows players to get some very powerful CAS aircraft, with 0 effort.

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Also with very little counter. As they are difficult to spot and almost always out of range to hit. They are used as 2 free missile shots for the enemy and often kills ground vehicles with 1 missile. Basically a cheat code with no idea they are even way up there in the sky. Sure jets can get them but usually I don’t see that happening, they’re usually left open to strike. They need to go. The little scout drones for tanks are ok. Not the big ones up high with missiles. I killed one the other day with my ADATS only because it was probably being careless and just hovering close over the battlefield, that’s almost the thing that never happens.


Totally agree with you, it’s not a problem to remove their because nobody buy an attack drone, with the AA nerf they are really difficult to shot down, and you can’t kill their with 9.3/10.0 AA like Ozelot, VAB mistral, Lvrbv 701, etc. Attack drones are just implemented to give 2 revenges kill for new players who buy premium tank and only have one tanks and no skill, they really need to delete these strikes drones

Strike Drones need to go top tier, 11.3 BR minimum.

When you run your 9.7 or 10.0 lineup and you get uptiered you don’t want to face strike drones with no means of defending yourself.

At 11.3 BR the problem will cease to exist due to the spawn point of drones and proper SPAA to deal with them.


Yes sir…!!!

Drones? Wonderful. The first effective counterbalance to spawn camping snipers and wall hackers. Too bad low BR still suffers …

Strike Drones? I want them removed.

Scout Drones? They’re fine. They can stay.

Simple as.


Yeah, agreed there. Scout drones should also be added onto SPAA


Could give spaa alittle more to do.

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Precisely my thinking. If you spawn in spaa at the start of the match, you basically sit AFK waiting for something to shoot at unless you are in one of the few spaa quite good at hunting tanks. If you had recon drones, then you could scout in the meantime. Would also fill the void on some trees missing high tier light tanks.