Just lower the player count permanently Gaijin

After being in very few lower player count battles i can definitely say its much more fun. In some cases i could even use my brain to gain an advantage!

But they are super rare. I dont want to play 16v16 top tier its so fucking bad and unfun. With missiles as powerful as Fox 3s it just makes no sense. There is absolutely no way to defend from everyone.


Don’t only ask for it to be lowered at only top tier, it makes any Jet gameplay much worse. It is impossible to have a 1v1 or 2v2 without 3-6 other players going towards you, and it means that every match ends in a 1v4+.

They should start with tiers where all aspects appear. Props are still fine honestly cause people cannot close 5km in 10 seconds and sling a missile that can hit you from 10km with 0 problems.

But in general i agree. Although props might be better with 10v10 or 12v12 than 8v8. Top tier would be best with 8v8 or even 6v6.


i very much agree


If there’s anything in a match with ARH, it should be 8v8 minimum. Poor Air arcade players lmfao


Nah, I don’t want to play Counter Strike.

Yeah it needs to be lowered all around. Not really sure why they thought it was a needed change but it needs to go away. 8v8 is a bit low for the top fighters, 10v10 or at most 12v12 should be fine enough. The “option” for less players doesn’t seem to be working or they just flat out lied with it lol. The new default should be one of the numbers I mentioned.


Very very very unfair. What am I supposed to do. huh?!? I don’t have a brain to use this isn’t fair. (lol)

you can go ahead and head to air arcade then where chaos makes total sense and you have respawns


Why would I go to air arcade for realism?

i played 100+ with turned on low sized team option and never get 6v6 or 8v8

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The playercount toggle exists to gives the devs data on how many (and what types of, etc) players actually want smaller team sizes; this includes what percentage of players are dedicated enough to actually read news/notes and/or look through their settings to find it, among other useful data points.

Map likes/dislikes/bans serve a similar purpose.