Just got the T-72AV since its on xbox sale

Now i cant play it again as its my best rated tank LOL

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Turms is trash

Ok Debbie downer


skill issue if you cant use the TURMS


it’s not a matter of skill, but the fact that turms is losing to its enemies in almost all characteristics

isn’t that a skill issue?


It’s a T-72A with a better round, optics and K1. Not overpowered, but you have to be conscious of the drawbacks it has because it is just a T-72A. I like it for longer range maps whereby the T-72B’s optics aren’t sufficient.

1 Battle isnt enough to judge lol.
I have 2.6 KD in OF-40MTCA and insane survivability, all while i have 2.4 KD on T-90A and I usually die from first hit to fuel tank or shots killing both driver and gunner/ commander through driver periscope.
These two I have more than 100 battles in (150~ in OF-40MTCA and 200 in T-90A)
These are just examples, play more battles to judge.
First battle may seem good only at first.

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Yet it remains 10.0

excepting reload, firepower, utility, armor

The only thing it doesn’t manage is gun depression and mobility, but even then it’s mobile enough that you’re not arriving 5 minutes late the the party.

Nope. Reload and firepower of nato tanks are much better and faster.
Turms is slower, it doesn’t have reverse speed, which is critical, no elevation speed and depression, which is also critical and worser coop

Manual reload requires maxed crew level, the only reload beating it is on 105mm guns.

“firepower much better”

Russia has 450+pen apfsds rounds and 125mm size apfsds

US / NATO at best has 120mm (most have 105mm) and all are under 410 pen


I stated this.

Russian tanks have worse mobility and no gun depression, it is their one flaw.

What? I said it wasn’t OP.

10.0 is fine for the TURMS-T.

Yes you state it’s not overpowered yet it remains 10.0 battle bating.

The only excuse people throw up at its battle rating is its turret traverse and its gun depression, but these are factors that can be worked around whereas you can’t work around having no functional armor or not having a round which can penetrate the tank.

I don’t understand what you’re advocating for?

Do you think the TURMS should go up or down in BR?

Because it’s substantially worse than every other vehicle at 10.3.

  • You are playing Rank VII, you should have effecient crews + Expert qualification
  • 3BM42 does not use long rod modifiers for penetration against composite armours, it’s comparable to L23A1/120mm DM23 because of this
  • 120/125mm has no difference in post pen

The best dart on MBT 10.0 BR, and can lol pen almost everything except maybe Abrams. 2nd gen thermals for both gunner and commander when everything at this BR has first gen or none (except IFVs). Autoloader and good armour that can stop good amount of rounds. It’s lacks in mobility but firepower is definitely on its side at this tier

This is what I mean

The best excuse is random non factual irrelevance they can’t defend the features the tank actually has

10.3 Abrams doesn’t have updated composite armor it’s effectively a light tank