Just got the T-72AV since its on xbox sale


And ppl who have no idea about balance blatantly aggrandise what it does have

  • Commander Thermals are irrelevant since it’s no longer thermal binos
  • It does not have the best shell at 10.0 at all, the ZTZ96As 125-I is vastly superior with penetration and long rod modifiers
  • It’s vastly slower than anything 10.3

It’s a 9.3 tank with Thermals, that’s it. It’s fine at 10.0 currently.

“It’s 9.3” “It’s fine at 10.0”

You’ve gotta decide on something and stick to it if I’m going to value your opinion. You can’t have it both ways.

This is a skill issue.

Its a 10.0 tank with Thermals

idk how the calling it a T-72A with thermals was lost on either of you but I guess Russian derangement syndrome hits different

It is not even close to a T-72B with Therms

I guess inconvenient truths running contrary to your narrative is a “skill issue” or “factually irrelevant”

you are certainly not the arbiter of what’s factually relevant lmao

keep claiming the T-72AV can keep up with Vickers Mk.7s and M1s maybe it’ll be true someday

Or that it’s protection is capable of defending against equivalent tier ammo when it can’t withstand L23A1, let alone things like L26 or has protection equivalent to another 10.3, the T-90 Bhishma

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Well thats a first
Im pretty sure its the same as the first 10.0 T72 just with thermals same dart and everything

No turms has kontact 1 while the T90 has kontact 5 which provides better protection

The hull is the T-72A found at 9.3. With some K-1 for ~5mm of extra protection against APFSDS.

You know their is one at the same br with kontact 5 as well
Turms is not bad but not op

There is no T-72A with K-5

There’s the T-72B and T-72B '89 (K-5 add-on) but these are much, much better protected vehicles.

It’s mid.

What was i saying

Compared to any T-72B at 10.0 it has: worse armour, worse mobility, worse gun traverse.
Just better sights and thermals.

Reload? Yes, NATO wins. Firepower? No, NATO doesn’t win. Similar vehicles 0.3 BR above TURMS like 2A4 and M1 both have less pen than the larger, better 3BM42