Just add Respawning to Air RB

I no longer see the benefit of a “No Respawn” Air RB game mode.

The “no respawn” mechanic was intended to provide consequences to players who make poor decisions. It used to be the motivation behind spending time to set up a strong initial position.

Those days are dead. Nobody cares about being cautious in Air RB anymore.

So, after playing Ground RB with its “spawn point” respawn mechanic and playing Sim EC with its “endless respawn” mechanic, i feel the lack of respawning is now just holding Air RB back from what it could be.

Many of us have proposed adding an Air RB EC mode, and while i still think it’s a possible solution due to the huge size of War Thunder in 2023, it does still run the risk of harming the matchmaker.

Others have proposed limiting Air RB to being a hardcore PVP mode. This would probably kill the mode altogether.

So rather than splitting the game mode or forcing players to play the game a certain way,

Why not take a page out of Ground RB’s success and add its Spawn-Point-Respawn Mechanic to Air RB?

This could add the much desired “strategy” to Air RB without taking anything away from players who want the more hardcore focused mode. Spawn points also provide in-match consequences.

For PVP players, respawning allows for a more dynamic airspace. After the initial furball, the respawning players scatter, and you’ll get more opportunities for dogfighting or BVR engagements.

And PVE players could do their PVE thing multiple times in one match, reducing their time staring at a loading screen.

Like all the Air RB EC proposals, just adding respawning would allow for line ups, come-backs, strategy, and could help future-proof the mode for different types of aircraft, mechanics, and new objectives.

This doesn’t let Gaijin off the hook for the other issues…

In order to do this properly, Gaijin will still have to:

-make matches a bit longer - maybe a 35 minute timer.

-adjust the auto ticket bleed. Its broken on some maps.

-make team size dependent on maps. City is too small for 16 v 16…

-add multiple airfields for each side.

-continue adding new and interesting objectives.

Many who don’t play Air will ask,

Why is CAS sooo prolific in Ground?

  • Well, Because it’s more fun to play aviation in the Ground game modes than in the Air game modes. That’s a major problem!

The new 4th gen aircraft coming this update are going to make these air game mode problems far worse too.

As a veteran air player, I find myself disgusted by the lack of innovation for the Air game modes. They’re so far behind, when compared to the rest of War Thunder.

The Air RB game mode issues seem to get no attention from Gaijin anymore, despite consistently occupying the first scroll on all the forums.

They seem to have just thrown in the towel when it comes to air game mode development and just service the mode with new vehicles and maps.

This would be awesome if we could actually enjoy them for more than 6 minutes at a time.

I appreciate their effort on the new maps but the maps are secondary when it comes to aviation. Aside from terrain masking, the maps are just eye-candy. Air is all dependent on the game mode and War Thunder’s air game modes suck.

At the moment, Air RB is just the mode to grind out planes for use in Ground.

Let’s not make this a complicated solution for Gaijin. Just add respawning with spawn points to Air RB.


Sounds actually more like you want an RB EC gamemode. Essentially what SB is (large map, multiple AFs, multiple respawns, PvPvE, etc etc.) but with third person and RB controls (with maybe only markers being teammates)


Sounds good to me

Make respawning aircraft spawn from airfield


Ive played Sim EC plenty.

As i described in my OP, we have been asking for an Air RB EC but that would require a brand new mode and i think thats a No Go for Gaijin. So just adding a respawn mechanic into the current Air RB but using spawn points like Ground RB could give everyone something they like.

More like an Air RB EC Lite…

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Could do. Though I think a few like the quick and dirty gameplay that 1 spawn brings.

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I do too but i don’t think you’d lose that here. This wouldnt create super long matches and would provide more situations where you could end up in a 1 vs 1 fight since players would spread out more as the match goes on.

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Yeah, its certainly possible. Though I think quite a few would prefer a choice between the 2 match types. But there are definetly improvements needed for ARB and this is certainly a possible solution to them

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Excellent idea. I suggest you post it in the suggestions forum aswell. I’d do it myself but it seems like the moderators don’t want to approve any of my posts in that thread.

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I would personally rather an EC style mode with battles that last a long time and re/joinable in progress games so its more of a “drop-in” experience. Might be too ambitious though.


All it would need to be is a C&P of SB but just with different restrictions (Third person, RB controls and some markers)

It would need a counter to airfield camping though, so one team doesn’t get stuck in an “enemy air superiority” nightmare where they are constantly bounced on takeoff. Big AA guns (127/128mm) or “radar” updates where the game tells you (infrequently) where someone near the airfield is (not the constant track that happens when you’re on spawn radar). Trying to keep some fun factor in for both teams would be very difficult though, and a mode like this would probably only be pulled off with a lot of players on each team.

Would be no different to SB. Yes spawn camping can occur, but thats why you have 3-5 AFs. Just spawn at a different base.

You also have mechanics like AF guardians (AI controlled fighters meant to attack nearby players) which whilst they are currently broken in SB, could be fixed to help provide adequate protection. Then you also have the AFs themselves. They are well defended just like they are in ARB. Though with much larger maps, the option for much more powerful SPAA systems becomes open in the future (like Patriot or S300)


I think Patriot and S300 are too much for the game tbh they have ranges that are way too far reaching. Probably better with like Hawk/I-Hawk and SA-3/SA-6 (S-125 and 2K12 respectively), probably along with some form of PvE SEAD using anti-radiation missiles like Standard, Shrike, and some of the Eastern Bloc ones (who’s name I forgot lmao)

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was thinking more in a nerfed state 15-20km bubble of protection around an AF max. but yeah, there are maybe other better options for those shorter ranges, just the first 2 I thought of.

But yeah, we need proper SEAD mechanics in SB. Would be so much fun

just place a lot of MANPADS and SPAA on the airfields, but also further from the airfield, hidden amongst the terrain. Otherwise camping airfields would be too easy with modern aircraft.

Yeah, that would work too. further out but at a reduced density would be good in most gamemodes I reckon already

Yeah, KH-25/25MP/25MPU/27, KH-28, KH-31, but I don’t have ranges for these kinda missiles off the top of my head.

Nah, its just noobs. Normal players are still cautious because we know its high risk high reward.

Its dead. If it’s just noobs then noobs make up 98% of teams.