Joysticks for all platform

hello, it would be nice if you add more joystick options for consoles, for example on the computer there are more joystick options and not for consoles, I play on console and I have a Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick Flight Stick + Throttle and I can’t play for because the consoles do not accept it, it has to be the ps4 xbox and pc sticks because you add everything together, it would help, thanks.

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Does your thrustmaster work on any other games (i.e. Ace Combat)?.

The game War Thunder doesn’t have many control options on the console, it’s either the mouse and keyboard or the Mache itself, which are the same console options I play on the Xbox and the joystick that is available in the game is the JoystickThrustmaster T.flight Hotas one. own xbox I don’t have this stick I have a logitch 3d pro and a tr Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick Flight none of it works on the xbox

Yeah you’ll have to get the one supported one for console.

On the other hand you could buy a PC; that’s a nice setup for PC. Why do you have that joystick if you have a console, what game does that work in?

Have you tried the XBox on your PC thing that they brought in? (I have no idea how it works)

If it works like Steam stream on the PC, then if you plug it into the PC and fire that thingo up that allows you to play the XBox through the PC it may interpret the controls?

Hopefully it does maybe or something comes of this info I pass on to you.

Good luck.

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Playstation Remote does the same thing for Playstation;

That’s an interesting idea I might try go get that working with my RC Remote (which works as a usb device on the PC) working with my Playstation; then I could play both at the same time (again).

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well sometimes we get something gifts I will not buy a pc because of a configuration that does not have in the game for

That’s a nice Flight stick you have; You could sell it for $250 to $300 or more for just the stick alone (depending on availability and demand).

With that you could pick up the console compatible version. Facebook marketplace or ebay should meet your needs.

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