JH7A can use more precision-guided weapons

Oooo that would be a nice addition, up to 6 GBU’s. Still would like to see the dual rack GB 100’s if anyone has more information on it and can write up a strong bug report.

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I am hoping, now that we are seeing more and more aircraft that can carry them. That ASMs are going to finally be rolled out more generally. They’d be niche, but when they can be used, they’ll be awesome.

Some naval targets in ARB combined with the naval targets already present in ASB and they’d be handy to have.

This would also be a great addition, as for starters it woul mean that the maximum amount of guided munitions would no longer be 4

this is no usa plane so the gaijin dont give normal cas weapons to the jh7a

Going solely off their mass, they likely have around the same explosive mass as an AGM-12B bullpup. Not great, but should be able to kill with guidance- and also means a lower likelihood of blue-on-blue during danger-close CAS.
Might not be worth it vs 1000kg bomb or KH-29, but atleast it should be less spawn points?


what’s this?

GB 100 being mounted to a JH-7A. (100kg laser guided bombs)

ooo,I think he’s better than the AGM65

Should have similar ish explosive mass, so if you are going fast enough I guess they could be like a laser guided maverick.

I’m always amazed how slow mavericks are, and how long it takes them to finally reach a target

These would be great for going after light tanks and AA in particular, with the advantage being you get more potential kills