jh-7A missing loadout can add now

I think it’s time to add the KD88 USSR next update will get a missile with a range of more than 40 km so i think no problem to add it now


Yeah no, they ain’t adding 200 km range missile to the game sorry, we are not yet shooting players in other matches.


AGM-69 SRAM, AGM-86B/C, AGM-129 ACM, AGM 158 JASSM, AGM-28 Hound Dog, AGM-181 LRSO next update?



The other server

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The game does not add anything to the full distance to it I mean its distance in the game may be in the range of 30 kilometers or less

The PGM-500/2000 statcard range is 50km, doesn’t mean the practical range is 50km.

Same for the Kh-38, especially since it’s launched from a low altitude, subsonic Su-25. Too early to know exactly what the realistic range for it is, still a WIP dev server, but its not going to be 40km.

Even the Kh-29TD is technically possible to reach 35km, but again it requires extremely ideal launch conditions.

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the same is for the KD-88 you can’t use it from long-range Most likely it will be used from 10 km or maybe less because of clouds and fog and so on

I don’t play planes and whatever that said missile is I hope it’s not the one designed to destroy tanks.

As if getting nuked by A-6E TRAM from outer space isn’t already fun enough.

it can be like that

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