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this will never stop being funny to me



Insane they reverted the stock HEATFS garbage for top tier but still leaves the lower rank to deal with it, now the issue is even worse as they now how to fight ful uptiers with it, whilst any protection against HEATFS is irrelevant when they get it stock.

M1A1’s get M829 in tier 1 at least, which is better than what Japan gets at tier 3… just dumb.

Im wondering if its possible to mimic 1x sights with a close value like 1.1x zoom.

If Gaijin only wants to do x3, then make it x3, I don’t really see why we have to get stuck with a 7 degree FOV in a tank that’s already questionable at 11.0.

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The aim used in my example, has KE-W as its sole apfsds, at tier 3

Yeah, but isn’t that a squadron vehicle and not a TT vehicle

Yes, however, I don’t know any other tanks that have the rank 3 apfsds treatment.

Also other nations tanks such as abrams, leopards, and t80bvms, have very high vertical targeting speeds. Back when I tried getting information, I asked smin and he only responded with Gun stabilizer - War Thunder Wiki. I assume according to said article, that the high vertical targeting speeds is to mimic stabilization

Currently a stabilizer on specific tanks is simulated with a generic high vertical guidance (elevation) speed on the gun… but still this does not provide a real simulation of stabilizer and fire control systems. After the introduction of the accurate stabilizer simulation, the vertical guidance speed on specifically equipped vehicles will be reduced to real life values.

However tanks such as the challenger and type 10 have the so called real life value.

Unfortunately, using that discrepancy for a bug report doesn’t work.

It did lead to funny posts on reddit complaining when the 10 degree/sec vertical traverse for leopards was acknowledged


found this on the internet, is this a predecessor to the type 90s gun?


Type 10 gun.

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This is a diagram of the dimensions of the main gun mounted on a Type 90 tank.

Anyone going to make this a suggestion? Be a nice 3.7 Br Premium with a cost of 1,150 GE or regular TT to start a 3.7 line up and useful to support the 4.3+ Br.


This looks incredible lol +1

Yes, it shouldn’t take long to model since the M24 and Type 64 ATM already exist in game. Just gotta slap them together, re-adjust/add some things aaaand walaa.

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Looks pretty hilarious, though I doubt it’ll be at such a low BR due to having ATGMs. The piece of shit Type 60 ATM is 6.7 on a far worse platform.

I like this huge buff. Now I can get to my SPAA position faster to protect my tankers from CAS.


where is this from


Recent mini update in the changelog.

nope! enough for this shitty missile!

Honestly the Type 64 could be pretty good when combined with the Chaffee. The problem with the Type 60 is that the missile is really situational, but you are forced to use it in every scenario since it’s your only weapon. With the M24 you can fall back on the 75mm meaning you can actually use the Type 64s when the time is right.


Just noticed something. Japan’s JM12A1 is a HEAT-MP round, not a HEATFS…shouldn’t they have similar performance like the US M830A1 HEAT-MP to be able to shoot down helis/aircrafts with the fuze sensor???

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