Jets with the Strike Aircraft categorization should spawn at the airfield closer to the objective area

Self explanatory title. Strike Aircraft should spawn closer to the objectives. This should allow those trying to grind out strike aircraft to have a competing chance to drop their ordinance without having too much of an advantage as opposed to just spawning in the air. I find it kind of strange that strike aircraft have to race other jets that are usually faster and more capable of delivering ordinance. I don’t think this would be too advantageous for strike aircraft except maybe for a select few like the AJ-37 or Mirage 2000D, but they don’t have the best A2A capability regardless.


I think you should clarify this to “Subsonic Strike aircraft,” because a lot of 9.0+ strike aircraft outside of the US and Soviet trees have afterburners and are much faster. I can understand stuff like A-10s, A-7s, Su-25s, etc., but having an F-111 or any Mirage or AJ37 spawning there would be a bit strong, borderline broken.


For the most part yea, looks good. Though as @PREX2000 mentioned, subsonics should get the priority for it.

Though a perhaps average BR dependent? Something like a Tornado IDS in downtier or at correct tier, yeah, doesnt need to spawn forward. in a full uptier? maybe?

Also some edge case that would be tricky to consider, like Jaguar… So maybe a loadout based requirement too?

Also you have some wierd aircraft classifications, like Sea harrier FRS1 as a Strike aircraft for “reasons”

But yeah, overall I think sub-sonics would benefit from it. I know I would love it in the Buc (I miss air spawn)

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I feel like the deciding factor on what spawns where should be managed case to case. An
A-32A spawning super far up in an 8.0 game would be ridiculous, but at 10.0 it would be a good balancing tool. An A-4e early in a 7.7 game should not get a far up the map spawn, but at 9.7 it would be a bit more fair.

Certain strike aircraft, for example the french early jets and early skyhawks should always be up front, while an F-111 should never get a far-forward spawn

It should definitely include supersonics, the F-111 (even though it’s supposed to be the fastest plane on the deck) will not reach bases before any F-4, Mirage, or Kfir. It is incredibly annoying to literally max out your engines the entire time going as fast as possible just for two F-4’s to get to all four bases before you.