Jets are really loud. Just not in game

I was just killed by an Alpha Jet while in the ZSU-23. Naturally the Israeli lineup at 10.0 has nothing to detect aircraft with other than a radar observing 15 degrees up max, and following the sound of aircraft.
Issue is, most aircraft, other than helicopters, don’t even emit a sound. I was gunned down, not bombed.

Please add sounds to jet aircraft. At least louder ones.

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It’s funny how Supersonic Jets you only hear after they pass you, not like they’re going faster than sound. The Closer to the speed of sound they are, the less time you’ll have to react to it once you do hear it.

On top of that, even in air shows where planes fly past you, you usually hear a slight delay simply due to the fact that sound takes time to travel.


Imagine gunning down ground targets at a steep attack angle while going supersonic.

I mean, wouldn’t be the first time I did it, especially not with all that AA =)

warthunder isn’t realistic in sound anyways. You wouldn’t hear most things you hear in warhunder if you are sitting in a tank due to engine noise and being in an isolated space. If you would hear jets you wouldn’t really know where the sound is coming from either

If you increase the sound of jets hearing other tanks will be impossible and people wouldnt like that either

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Alpha Jet is not supersonic. Most CAS isn’t going supersonic during passes.
The game’s sound directionality with aircraft is just very bad and buggy in general.

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the Israeli lineup at 10.0 has nothing to detect aircraft with other than a radar observing 15 degrees up max

I mean does anyone really?

One of these is not like the other… only the Tor is there to make it look slightly less absurd.
No bias here tho.

Yes, and no, there are lots of factors playing to sound, and sound dampening.

Come to think of it, I’ve noticed that even tank sounds sometimes just don’t… happen.
The last couple days I hear tanks in front of me very well, but if something’s anywhere over 90 degrees from where I’m pointing, I just don’t hear it, no matter how close it is. It’s not consistent. Allies I hear just fine.

Turn up enemy engine sounds.

Sound is simply broken in WT currently.

When I see people wanting immersion and realism in the game, I keep thinking they want thier bedroom walls to explode into dust as a shell lands in there.

Now you’re wanting the neighbours to be lodging noise complaints about the jet doing flybys every 5 minutes.

At 10.3 I’ve heard a lot of BOOM noise and since I don’t fly much, what’s that noise?

the sound barrier breaking

Broken, in many aspects, mostly some engines being way quieter, just not having sound for some reason, or being overly loud. Then there the blaring an obvious fact that engine noise isn’t even the loudness factor on tanks, it’s usually track sound, like that of which the BMP-1 and Obj.906 had.

You shouldn’t be able to listen for tanks to begin with unless your own tank is idling/turned off.

Raises the possibility of a sound bug

“Make sound bigger”

This is the 2nd sound related where you just assume people live in the same room with their neighbors.
Tell me, are your neighbors in the room with you right now? Because that’s called roomates, not neighbors.

No video was provided, and you described an issue that is most commonly caused by ourselves.

Turn the volume knob