Jets and props are near impossible to hear in ground rb

recently I’ve started playing a lower BR than normal and had to rely on sound for the most part to locate aircraft and its near impossible (apart from helicopters, for whatever reason they are very loud even from space), they seem to get drowned out by tanks and gunfire completely so you wont hear them until they’ve gotten within 0.25km and by then they’ve seen you and they most likely have a bomb aimed straight at you.
If you’ve ever been to an air show you will know first hand just how loud a plane is and can probably vouch for when I say planes are unrealistically quiet!

planes too quiet compared to tanks

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Actually the sounds are more realistic than most things. At supersonic speeds (those greater than the local sound speed), there is no sound heard as an object approaches an observer because the object is traveling faster than the sound it produces. So really you just need to start using anything with a radar if you have one.

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That’s just a general issue with sounds, I do love enemies literally going past me silently because the game just refuses to play the proper sounds? This was working fine last year but I guess they broke something while replacing pretty much every single sound in existence for no reason. Directional sound becoming wonky as hell also does not help