Jet tier decompression!

As title suggests would someone at gaijin PLEASE take a serious look at jets realistic battles.

Who else is getting tired of flying jets with no countermeasures against planes and missiles they would never have faced?
Who else is tired of the compression?
The ratio of balanced matches vs uptiers is also a huge issue.

I have up to f14 in USA and up to mig21bis in USSR. It seems to be no matter which BR i choose from 8.3 up I am nearly always uptiered and die to a missile/plane I can’t compete with. I always feel like I am food for the downtiered jets or the op missile carrier. Very rarely do I experience a balanced game it feels like

If I wait my team is all dead and I get gangbanged, if I flank, always guy with good missile finds me. If I stick with group and fly into furball I sometimes get a kill before missile finds me. My frustration builds and sometimes the best thing I can do is just stay on airfield…or back to hangar.

I realise there is a learning curve with jets but the difference in performance of planes and missiles in one single match is just too much. It’s painful to play not enjoying it. I understand if you have f16s and mig29s already you probably don’t feel this way but always being food for other jets is not fun


It seems to be a never ending story to gaijin…

They made the right decisions creating 12.0 only matches, but not enough. Maybe 5%. 50% would be ok imo.
Now we have 12.3…and guess what. it gets a bunch of full downtiers.

On the top the actual event, so everyone is grinding 12.3 AND the event vehicles.

The year is 1947 and ww2 is ending im flying my hew meteor mk3 chasing german buzz bombs then suddenly an american fighter fron 1952 F-89D warps in from another dimension and puts a aim9 missile up my tail pipe.

The F-89D is a premium plane with a 0.3 lower BR than mk3 meteor yet has aim9 missils. Work that out

No, it isn’t.

F-89D is only armed with unguided FFAR rockets.

Got my plane mixed up f9f8 with a br of 8.3. There is a story for another article

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This is why removing 1953 cutoff was most biggest mistake ever in the game

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That has VT

Agreed, make Korean era jets great again.
I just want my Sabre vs Fagot battles back man. I don’t want to get rekt by DEDICATED attackers with all aspects in my DEDICATED fighters from WW2/Korean era just because the DEDICATED attackers would be useless in AIR RB if they were not heavily undertiered.
This is inherently a game mode issue where AIR RB devolved into an arcade fighter furrball deathmatch.
Most of these issues would go away in the original AIR RB EC.


It’s because gaijin always wants you to see the next step in the progression tree and keep grinding. Because if everyone was happy where they were at, they wouldn’t be able to monetize the gameplay. So they compress the BRs.

it’s also because any new player in a full downtier can get 3 kills and feel like they’re on top of the world, when they were just clubbing uptiered tech tree vehicles who had no chance.

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It’s a shame that the ridiculous power creep and BR compression prevents us from seeing amazing kill montages by insane players.

All we can do is just watch their old montages on YT and reminisce about the old days.


You mean like this? These videos are editing intensive compared to the more common video style made today.

He is one of the actually few good players of Jet RB current days.
Unfortunately, as many insane players as I can remember (bomba, TheGreatRaccoon, Dreamtree, Yeffy, villicy etc) have left the game because they didn’t like the BR compression that started around 2019.

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Well sure, 8.7 is the only real safe BR right now for early jets, and even then Ayit being in the match destroys everything, but it can’t be moved up cause both ground & air are compressed. Air around 10.0, and ground 2.7 - 8.0.