Jet RB crew Lock should be reduced to four minutes

Crew lock for RB jet gameplay needs to be reduced to four minutes or less. In jet gameplay combat happens much faster when compared to prop planes. Further matches can be over a lot more quickly than in ground RB.
There have been several times where I have been in an RB jet match and have scored two or three kills, and either ripped my wings, crashed in a dog fight, collision, or something else that lead to my death being recorded as a crash. When I get back to the hanger, I am punished with a crew lock for just playing the game. Even contributing to my team at that.
If it was reduced to four minutes, people would still be deterred from leaving a battle if they are one of only a few fighters on their team, or if they are just doing really bad. I strongly believe this needs to be considered for quality of gameplay. As well as not punishing players for simply not being that skilled in what could be a new plane for them.

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Just learn to play without crashing to the ground or ramming to people.

Problem solved.


You have never crashed during a dog fight or broken a wing ? Even if it is rare is it worth being punished over ?

Sometimes happen but, all of them are complently my failed.

I wouldn’t have been crashed to the ground if I turned on sim control or see my altitiude and ground.
Also, wouldn’t have been rip my wings when I pull so hard if I pulled negative G.

Community call it “skill issue”.

Plus, unlike other modes, you only get one vehicle locked. Just play another plane as you only need to last 8 minutes before you can return to the locked vehicle.

we will have to agree to disagree, I don’t believe a game should punish its players for making a mistake. Further when that punishment is keeping from them from playing the game, specially when it is something they bought. Every game I witness someone crash on take off and another one or two crash strafing ground targets. I agree most of the time it is my fault. However If i have been a good teammate, gotten several kills then what is the point ? Also you have not said one thing about there being an issue with it being reduced. You only defend the complete use of the crew lock. What is wrong with it being reduced to four minutes? The game brags about all the various types of planes in the game, but punishes you if you don’t have it fully mastered.

That completely misses the point. Its the principle of being punished for simply making a mistake. Also you help prove my point. If the mission, task or even my preference is that plane then why am I being punished for doing nothing wrong. There is no rule in the TOS that demands you play you plane as effectively and safely as possible. Further I ask, what would be the issue if crew lock is reduced to four minutes. Why would crew lock not be adjust for pace of play across modes. And don’t even get me started on ground RB crew lock when you are being spawn camped down three caps but if you back out half your lineup is locked.

Seems like you’re making that mistake quite often if you are getting so annoyed by crew lock timer.

Given the crew lock timer lasts longer than the average top tier Air RB match lasts, but also ends when the match does its not really much of an issue.

It sure suks to get crew locked for 5 minutes because a troll pushed you into runway on takeoff killing you but not counted as tk or he comes beside u at takeoff and puts his wing under yours rolls opposite side of you causing you to roll upside down and hence fall into runway and crash upside down… These two reasons are enough to look at how crew lock happens I could even give you more reasons but I shouldnt need too

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It is a little weird you fail to address the principle or the main point of the post and instead focus on my gameplay.

Then you even admit that pace of play is faster. Why should crew lock not reflect that ?

This would be a non-issue if only you could stop ramming yourself into the ground on a regular basis.

I see you are incapable of understanding the principle I’m trying to point out here. There are others in the thread who give examples of what I am talking about. You are unable to even address the main point in the title and you sound like a troll. Preventing a problem from happening does not negate the principle, if said problem were to happen. You also have yet to provide any actual support for the current crew lock. SMH i thought the trolls were only on reddit.

You can’t play another plane in the same nation if you are smart and only use 1 crew slot.

The rapid pace of play is precisely why it isn’t an issue… try and keep up.

No, because that means that the events that happen in a game occur at a faster pace, such as dying and getting kills. If I am crew locked I will bypass it by going to a different nation. However due to the pace of play the game could end a minute after I die but because of eight min crew lock, my options are wait and hope the match ends soon, or play a vehicle I’d rather not be playing. Your attempt at rudeness just makes you look bad man. It’s actually funny how nobody has stated an issue with a four minute crew lock.

So I’m a troll but you are here telling us, that you regularly crash into the ground on your own, while crying about it on the forums.
I guess for people like you, crew locks should stay as they are now so you can finally learn something, which I doubt you will, considering how often you do the same mistake.

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I played three matches last night, sum of total time played = 13 minutes
The Average match ends in 4 to 5 minutes and you wont be crew locked from the instant you spawn. There will therefore be <4-5 minutes remaining on the average match from the point you pancake… ergo an 8 minute crew lock will rarely result in you actually being locked out for 8 minutes.

Crew locks are much more of an issue at lower tiers where matches regularly last 15-25 minutes, at higher tiers its’s a non-event but you’re specifically whining about jet tiers.

Btw if I was trying to be rude I can assure you you’d know…

The problem occurs when the clouds are low and while avoiding radars you run into a rock wall.

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