Jet battle rating is too crazy

play 8.3 get up tiered to 9.3, facing much more capable AAM or super sonic plane. DEATH

play 9.3, get up tiered to 10.3, facing all aspects missile and you have no flare, DEATH

play 10.3 get up tiered to 11.3, facing SARH, DEATH

play 11.3, get up tiered to 12.3, facing ARH, DEATH

play 12.3, stock grind, facing spaded enemy, DEATH

it’s like there’s no fun zone in ARB you either get lucky and few kill or get murdered on first encounter in every match. literally pure suffering.

the game force you to only play spaded top tier otherwise you will get killed by up tier plane (8.0 and lower is somehwhat okay-ish)


I’ve been playing 10.0 ARB and it’s been fine.


I’ve been playing 10.0 ARB and it’s not fine

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Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

I played quite a bit in 10.7 last week and frankly it’s okay, you generally stay in your Br, there are a few up tiers but in the majority of games I have face planes from the same Br as me

i also play ARB 10.0 and its so fun. i get sometimes even 15 kills… but now after the sales, i get alot of enemys with only 1 premium plane… and it’s not so fun cuz i don’t have enough enemy to kill…

the last time i played 10.7, i got killed by 11.3 mig 23 R24R with no chance of self defense

Wish i could say the same.

Grinded JAS39C with J35XS and majority of my games was uptier, at some point i was convinced that me and other Drakens were there to be a food for SARH and Magic-2.

I play the same plane and I come up against Mirage 3s, Mig-21s, A-5cs and F-5s more often than against Mig-23s and Mirage F1s.

I have no idea why I mostly have games at my Br. Could it be a server thing?

probably yes, a server thing. i also have all regions servers marked.

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I dont know tbh.

I started get 10.3-10.7MM when i was really close to finishing the grind, but then again no matter which tanks or airplanes i used i always get uptiered on last couple days.

It seems something is wrong about MM, personally i blame summer sales.

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This is clearly the problem. The rounds are full of players who are incapable of thinking. I stopped counting the number of A-5Cs that didn’t see me even though I was less than 1km behind them


they will learn eventually :)
it will get better

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I hope because currently the level is really low. I don’t consider myself a good realistic battle player but I manage to maintain a ratio between 1.5 and 2 these days, witch is disturbing.

the unwashed hordes of su25 and a10 and f5c certainly make it harder to get 9.3 matches


you mean AAB, meaning air arcade, since you can only spawn one plane in ARB anyway.


I have been playing J7E lately, and meeting ARH in the form of F14 is not fun. J7E’s performance is best at high altitudes, but currently I am just crawling like a worm on the floor just so I can get into the 5.5km range of my pitiful PL5B, I can’t even get close otherwise, I don’t even have a radar or all aspect missile if anything was possible.

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yes. i ment arcade…

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Popular BRs means more players queuing means more chance to be in an uptier position:

No Shit Sherlock!

If you are in a 9.3 or 10.3 or whatever and fully uptiered then, guess what, players are in a full downtier too, just not you. Those players are not currently being uptiered so it is not like the top spots are empty, and in theory both sides get the same so you will see same and slightly higher BR too.

It’s a pain but people make a mountain of a molehill.
If it is a pain consider quiter nations/BRs where there is more “chance” of more regular alternate BR positions.

People are currently seeming to want to get to the top asap so populations, with Premiums too, are obviously going to effect the MM.