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I mean its the main FOX 3 of many nations… and the range is comparable to the phoenix

Apparently, according to someone who is somewhat familiar with joint European projects, the JNAAM is currently still active, but currently no news yet. We could see a prototype in 2024 or 2025…

really? which country?
i think japan starting another missile based of jnaam data, the jnaam it self already finished from what i googled.

Just give the ADTW a serviceable PD radar and I’d live with the current aramaments.

Or a new premium instead… that F4 is still a pain to play and i dont even have it to begin with

yeah I know they’re working together, that’s been pretty public, I mean France blocing production

This might sound a little dumb, but how about we get a Thai sub tree and the snail cherry picks some planes from other Southeast Asian nations…

(For example, the snail all of a sudden gives Japan mains a random Su-27 from Indonesia alongside our usual thai tree)

I don’t think it’s a stupid plan at all. Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, seems to have a lot of positive opinions about joining the Japanese subtree. There are plans for an ASEAN tree for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, so the possibility is 50-50, but it is quite possible.


It mostly comes down to 3 things, the short occupation (only 3-4 years of occupation), the war didnt necessarily involve a ton of native soldiers fighting for either side (except Thailand & Philippines, and even then there was no total war mobilization for them), and most importantly - the 1977 Fukuda Doctrine.

Hell, even being a Japanese collaborator didnt mean the end of one’s political career. Marshall Phibun of Thailand was able to coup the government again in 1947. Jose P. Laurel almost won the 1949 Presidential Election if not for voter fraud (he did become a prominent senator). Sukarno was a Japanese collaborator at the outset. The relatively short stay of the Japanese ensured that people are more willing to let bygones be bygones in exchange for Japanese support which materialized after Japan’s own economic miracle. At that time, Japan constituted as the top 1 trade & investment partner for many in Southeast Asia and still remain a strong trade partner to this day.


Do Japanese aircraft have their own Voice Warning System in Japanese? or do they use the standard English one? Any documentation on this?


Should Japan and maybe the UK (potentially via Australia) get JATMs for their F35s? That should make them competitive against other 5th gens with missiles like Meteors and PL-15

I don’t have clear sources, but given the policy of widespread use of English in the military sphere, in order to ensure effective interaction between coalition armies in the event of war and the possibility of free exchange of weapons, the speech informant probably remained English-speaking. In addition, the pilots have everything signed in English in the cockpit, and radio communications are conducted in English (as you can see from the flight recordings from the cockpit); in such a situation, a voice informant in Japanese would probably be even less convenient.

That’s what I’d imagine, but was curious since these VWS are mostly for the pilot, maybe the native tongue would be more easier to process to get the relevant information as quickly as possible.