JAS39C not in Sweden?!

Gaijin, it confuses me why Italy is getting the JAS39C and the UK, but not Sweden that is the original country for it? That makes no sense at all.


They’re getting it when AMRAAM’s are added.

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You know what makes no sense, half of the heli tree. Why does sweden get mi28a (never fielded only tested) and the country that made it doesnt.

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They announced testing of new missiles on the dev server
Guess which Gripen can participate and which one can’t

Even if it’s added later, kind of a D-move when it comes to that


Germany: You’re right

Cause Gaijin saw a premium tag

That way Sweden is excluded from testing the new missiles currently being tested :D

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They already discussed it with the addition of the C variant in Britain. It isn’t a huge difference in performance, so they don’t see it as a massive deal.

The update isn’t even out, so they can’t be lying about it yet…

@Laserdestroy @_Vox

When Gripen was added a few months ago:

Smin right before first major update of 2024:

I personally think they never planned on adding it now, just wanted us to shut up about it since there was like 5 different threads going on about it lol

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i still don’t get why delay it and not add it in the first place

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they could’ve avoided all this drama by simply adding the C variant

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exactly, they said adding it won’t make a difference. Yet it did make a difference, be cause of not adding it sweden cannot particpate in the event.


Because current A is same as C, they gave it all the features of C. You will have two exact same planes on same BR. They will add C with AMRAAMs that A wont have.

I’m mostly mad about having to grind over 400k RP just for a missile when fox 3’s release… That’s not even considering having to stock grind again.

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Germany had to do the same to get exact same MiG-29 as previous one but with R-73s so ik that feeling.

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They could (And absolutely should) do a repeat of the American F-16s. Remember back when the F16 was first teased, it was revealed America was getting a super early version without Sparrow support, which cause the community to flip out. So they just added the ADF variant at the same time and foldered it.

They have even less reason not to folder the C Gripen behind the A, since the singular feature the C will have over the A is AMRAAM support, whereas the ADF trades Sparrows for all ground attack ordinance, which is a much more significant difference.

If Gaijin currently can’t justify giving Sweden a Gripen C because it’d be too similiar to the Gripen A, how about this:
Remove the ahistorical features associated with the C variant from the Gripen A and give Sweden a Gripen C with these features in this major update.

  • 9M
  • HMD
  • GBU/targeting pod
    Disclaimer: I will say that I’m not 100% sure about the features I listed and maybe there’s a super late version of Gripen A that carried/could carry all the mentioned features and if that’s true, my entire post is pointless. But I don’t think that’s the case.

Maybe you think it’s not an optimal solution but if you don’t do something like this, there’s a chance that the Gripen A will be stuck with and forever have several “fake” features for no good reason at all.

An added bonus with this is that when the BVR update does come around you won’t have a situation where Sweden players have to grind an entire plane(Gripen C) and it’s stock grind unlike everyone else(maybe Germany will also suffer from the same situation) who already have their carrier platforms grinded and only have to research a single modification for their fancy new BVR missile.

Take it while SWE get other Never-in-service OP something
In my opinion