JAS-39C did not recieve its promised AGM-65G

Smin said the Swedish JAS-39C would get the AGM-65G this update but it never happened, Why? Why is Sweden simply not allowed good cas? No RB75T is not an AGM-65G…


He said “We currently plan” so its probably not finished yet

He said this a whole week ago when the dev server was on, Does it take more than a week to add a loadout that the Italian + UK gripens already has…?

Maybe theyre waiting to give it due to balance reasons or something idk

It will be implemented with minor uptade.

Smin confirmed that.

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Smin strikes once again…!

I personally believe they only planned to add it to the SAAF gripen otherwise why would it take this long? I fully believe they thought RB75T was more than enough.