Japan's incredible 11.3 line-up

Hey guys look at my OP 11.3 line-up, I think gaijin should make the Type 81(c) 13.0 because its clearly too OP, anyway I’ve been using the 2S38 and Pantsir-S1 recently and I think they should be 8.7 and 10.0 respectively because their stats clearly indicate they are underperforming.

Also I think using eyes instead of having a radar at 11.3 is too OP so Gaijin should remove them so we can rely on sound and smell instead


agree and t80bwm should be 10.0 at least, those people have no problem penning my 2023 tank modernization :'(


The entire japanese aircraft and tank line need attention. Japan has always been overtiered, broken models and stupidly expensive to repair.

On top of what is previously mentioned, op is spot on at the anemic line ups that a player can actually field. Combine this with the idiotic punish timer for leaving a match early and you have a predictably miserable game experience… fix it gaijin.

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I love the Tan sam but man i had a few.matxhes where heli’s sat about 4.8km out and i couldnt do anything. Not to mention if a jet hugged the ground and got to close then i basically couldnt deal with it. Dont know why gaijin thinks any spaa is equal to the pantsir and such aslo pls for the love of god fix the bug where i cant fire these missile spaas. I hate this bug so much man. If anyone has a fix pls do let me know.

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