Japan Su-27


F-2: while yes the XF-2A and F-2A early will lack fox 3s as they lack J/ARG-1 to use AAM-4s they should still be more then enough plus there is the chance gaijin could just give it AAM-4s anyway at least for early F-2s…late F-2s bring some better (though not overly crazy cas) with sniper pod they can bring 8 laser guided JDAMs…there is also some research on going with ASM-3 can potentially be used on ground targets…F-2 late also brings a new radar and then there are like 2 other F-2 varients with new sensors and yet another newer radar i haven’t mentioned.

So yes in CAS japan will lack frankly thats something we have to accept but i see no reason to add a Flanker to Japan there F-15J line and F-2 line should be sufficient for the foreseeable future.

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Well, it still doesnt resolved the question of air to ground guided weapons no? The latter Su-27s can carry anti radiation and air to ground guided missiles while being more survivable thân say, the P-2.

And I don’t like to see aircrafts being limited in it armament to fit in ech tree blind slots, personally.

Thats just something we have to accept…Japan didn’t use them there is no need to add more fake additions to the tree…

Heck if you really wanted “what if” additions it would of made more sense to list F-15FX and F-2 superkai which both would add more cas while still being somewhat realistic (though still “what if”)




This is more real than both of them, as Japan actually sent pilots to evaluate and train with it. Thats not to mention both are way more capable thân the Su-27PU/Su-27KI/Su-27SKM. But I wouldn’t object their additions to the game.

Fireraid already mentioned the solution for this problem;
(F-2A Late suggestion)

Yea but unfortunately neither were ever built (or in case of the F-15FX; never test flown as far as I am aware).
I spent a lot of time finding out more on both, especially since there was a “hint” that the F-2 Super Kai might had a prototype; but also here unfortunately, this turned out to be a deepfake.
With F-3 being in development and the new F-15JSI (basically Japans very own F-15X) standard planned to enter service soon, I don’t see any more trialed / proposal Aircraft coming anyway; even though I really like the Super Kai.

Besides all of this, there are still sub TT options like Thailand, which would also solve / improve said areas of the TT.
There is no need for more paper / hypothetical vehicles.


This seems like a rather unusual suggestion.

First off I’d like to say that I don’t think the Su-27 is necessary for Japan at all, as before it actual Japanese aircraft or even some more reasonable projects like the F-2 Super Kai or F-15FX could be added that would make more sense in the tree. And that is without going into potential subtrees.

I do think the idea of a Japanese Su-27 is rather funny as a concept and would work as an event vehicle at some point in the very distant future, when trial and paper vehicles are no longer such big exceptions as they are now.

For now I can’t say I’d actually want to see it, simply because, as with the F-16AJ, I don’t like how Gaijin adds these vehicles.

I’d fully support the F-16AJ as stated in the brochure, being the only known source, while filling information not given in it by basing it on the YF-16 testbed it was based on. However Gaijins approach of trying a “what if” version of a service F-16 instead takes away the historical foundation of the vehicle. And if they’d do that to the Su-27 I would be strongly against the addition.

There are plenty of alternatives I’d prefer, and I don’t like how Gaijin handled these proposed vehicles so far. But I do think it would be really funny, so I won’t just say no.


F-15 & F-2 are better than the Sukhois anyway.


Well Sweden has the Havoc because a Russian pilot flew a demonstration for them one time. It makes as much sense for Japan to get the Flanker too.

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No. To start with we don’t move things to Suggestions from other sections and the following ruleset is still very much a thing at the same time.


Yeah, but I just want an intermediate jet with capable air to ground capabilities without having very good avionics/air to air weapons. The Su-27 is a rather unique approach compare to other aircrafts, so I think it could fit in.

It’s the same A2G capability as F-15J…

Ah, I see. Thank you.

Su-27KI/Su-27SKM should be able to carry guided bombs, anti-radiation missiles, air to ground guided missiles and anti-ship missiles. It would complement a spot Japan top tier is missing.

Talking about weapons that Japan has only started expressing interest in very recent years. If Japan had decided to buy the Su-27 they definitely wouldn’t have HARMs and guided bombs to follow their policies of the time.

Either way, Su-27 isn’t needed, Sweden must not become an example and excuse for other nations to get stuff they simply tested, the game will get too out of hand in the realm of ridiculous if we followed the trashy way Sweden’s tree has been made.


Yes, the F-2 can carry air to ground guided munitions. But it also has an ASEA radar, very good flight peformance and very good air to air missiles. The Su-27 could be a potential, unique middle ground of aircraft between the F-15J MSIP/F-2 and the F-1/F-4EJ Kai/F-16AJ.

I don’t think it is enough to suggest everything that meets the eye. Moderation is necessary. Japan already has the F-16AJ, which is a special measure, and the F-15J, which is top-ranked and fully usable.


Yet another F-16AJ? Please, no!


I think this will just ruin the identity of the TT.


no country should have copy paste veichleds in wt