Jacinto-class corvette BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) - Peacock of Modernization

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Jacinto-class corvette BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37)

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to BRP Artemio Ricarte, a Jacinto-class corvette of the Philippine Navy.



BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) was originally HMS Starling (P241) and was used for patrol duties in Hong Kong, but with the return of Hong Kong to China, she was sold to the Philippine Navy along with HMS Peacock and HMS Plover in August 1997 for US $20 million as a token of goodwill.
At the time of her introduction, the Jacinto-class was the most sophisticated ship in the Philippine Navy at the time.


HMS Starling (P241) during the Royal Navy

Soon after their introduction into the Philippine Navy, the Jacinto-class was modified to enhance their firepower, with the four 7.62mm guns being replaced by 2 12.7mm M2 and 2 20mm Mk.16 guns, respectively.

In 2003, it was decided to implement the JCPV (Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel) Upgrade Project in order to operate the Jacinto-class more effectively after 20 years in service, and the Jacinto-class was to be updated in three phases over the next year.

Document explaining the steps of the JCPV Upgrade Project

In Phase 1, the optical tracking system, maritime radar, gyro-compass, GPS, etc. were upgraded, and a MSI-Defense Seahawk DS-25 25mm was added to the aft section of the vessel.

Explanation of Phase 1 renovation

Phase 2 titled Marine Engineering Upgrade Program, included hull repairs, overhaul of the main propulsion system, and maintenance of the hull, etc. The original plan was for Phase 2 to be completed by the end of 2005, but due to budget shortfalls in the Philippine Navy The refit project was very slow because the Philippine Navy chose to prioritize the refit of two ships, BRP Emilio Jacinto and BRP Apolinario Mabini, with their resources.
The Phase 2 refit finally started in 2013, but Artemio Ricarte will take a long time to leave the dock.

Phase 3 was originally scheduled to be given a Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), but the plans were changed and replaced with a Combat System Alignment project to improve the combat capability of the Jacinto class.
Artemio Ricarte underwent a modification called Phase 3A, which included an FCS by Ultra Electronics, a new maritime radar to replace the maritime radar introduced in Phase 1, and an overhaul of both the OTO-Melara 76mm and 25mm gun.

This refit was done after the end of Phase 2, and Artemio Ricarte spent 9 years of idle time at the dock until Phase 2 and Phase 3A refits were completed, but the refit was finally completed in November 2022, and he is now working with BRP Emilio Jacinto, BRP Apolinario Mabini, and is now a member of the Philippine Navy.



Apolinario Mabini (PS-36) firing the same model MSI-Defense Seahawk DS-25 as

Crew of Emilio Jacinto (PS-35) holding Mk.16 20mm same model as Artemio Ricarte

Emilio Jacinto (PS-35), Apolinario Mabini (PS-36), and Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) at the time of delivery to the Philippine Navy in 1997

Artemio Ricarte from close up

Armament & Specifications:


763 tons fully loaded

Length: 62.6 m (205.4 ft)

Beam: 10.0 m (32.8 ft)

Draft: 2.7 m (8.9 ft)

2 APE-Crossley SEMT-Pielstick 18 PA6 V 280 Diesel engines (each 14,188 hp)
2 x propeller shafts

25 knots (46 km/h)

Range: 2,500 nautical miles at 17 knots

Complement: 31

1x OTO-Melara 76 mm cannon
1x MSI-Defense Seahawk DS-25 25 mm cannon
2x 20 mm Mk.16 cannon on Mk.68 mount
2x 12.7mm M2 machine gun

Sensors and processing systems:
Ultra Electronics Fire Control System
Kelvin Hughes Sharpeye X & S-band Surface Search & Navigation Radars
Ultra Electronics Series 1700 Electro-Optical Tracking System

BRP Artemio Ricarte in the game:


This ship will be useful in the game as the final form of the Peacock class. compared to the Orla, the Artemio Ricarte has a Bushmaster as a secondary gun and a handy .50 cal which should be very powerful against torpedo boats.



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Thanks for reading! :3

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Extremely well-armed and looks very fun! +1

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Remember though that it should get 450 rounds for the 76mm gun

Aready been told that the Peacock-class cannot carry 450 rounds(link), so Jacinto-class is probably no different.

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