Britain Air Forces

If it never had to see Mig29s or F16s, etc and spent most of its time fighting Mig23MLDs and late F4s, it would an incredibly fun jet.

it should be better than the F4 it replaced, however in game its a brick the rudder controls are horrible (the instant turns and aligning the airframe) and a turn radius of Switzerland isnt fun vs f16’s mig29 hell even phantoms cause they will turn better and have similar kit. if i had a fgr2 with 9L’s id take that every day unfortunately

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And a chunk of that would be fixed. If they ever bother to finish the Tornado Flight model

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yeah it would be nice but i have 0 expectations they will.

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Firstly, Happy Christmas guys.

Secondly, Brit vark got passed for consideration: General Dynamics F-111K Merlin: The Vark goes British - #35 by CokeSpray


Along with BRP Jacinto

I got two more posts in pending one for the G3 class Battlecruiser and the other for HMS King George V 1945. I’m surprised just how few British ships have suggestion posts and I checked the new and old forums, I think there is still the Nelson, QE, R, Splendid cats and many others with no suggestions.

Also was going to make a post on the P.1121 but Avro already had one on the old forum so I’m waiting to see what he wants me to do about that.


G3 keeps getting rejected it’s kind of annoying but there’s nothing I can do about that. KGV post got accepted though so there’s that.

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I wasn’t looking for it but I found it.



Me and @AVROVULCANXH558 have been working on one as well

This is what we have so far:


the F35A is Canada right and were did the naval phantom go

Yes, and fuck i forgor about the naval phantom, its very late

Can’t blame you. Gaijin forgot about it aswell


I’m assuming it is. However, I’d name it CF-35 as it would be its common name in Canadian service anyways. (As we have yet to get it it’s yet to have a Millatary name.)

I had it in the first draft then the TT maker stopped accepting my backups about 4 hours ago and i had to remake it from scratch

Typhoons in the bomber line is a strange choice. Also very little difference between the Harrier Gr9 and Gr9A. If we do get both, Im guessing one will be a premium.

Typhoon F2 would also probably be lower, more like 13.0. Especially if we dont get Typhoon DA2. Typhoon FGR4 would be a notable upgrade over the F2. Even the “early”.

We also made one without any commonwealth designs in it as well


Also Voodo 8.7? why? and in the fighter line? It’s an interceptor like the Arrow. Actually, I’m surprised the Arrow isn’t there.

You have the Voodo and Starfighter. Where is the CF-5 Freedom Fighter to complete that era where Canada used all 3?

We mad the GR.9s assuming they would get brimstone, and the 9A has a better engine so both should logically come the tech tree

We put typhoons in the bombwr line just as a stop gap to fill it, otherwise it would stop at the tornado

So what does the S.50 have that would make it 10.7?