JA37D should be buffed

I think JA37D isn’t worth br11.7, JA37D doesnt have a good enough radar missle or an airframe enough to dogfight with other planes in 11.7or 12.0, like J7E,J8B,Mirage2000 etc. And it’s engine is way too weak in this br. Gaijin should consider add the thrust kgs to 14000kgs or more, so that the engine is enough for JA37 to dog fight with others.I have killed more than 800 planes in this plane and kd is about 2.7.I really dont think this plane is such bad in the reality(even without RB99).So I hope Gaijin can buff this plane for a little bit.
And AJS37 is really bad in 11.3. I really dont think this plane worth it, for it doesnt have guns or flares inside the plane. Most importantly, this plane can only carry 2 RB74 at the same time carried with both gun pod and flares. So this is really bad in this br. I hope gaijin can change the br to 10.7/11.0, or let it take 4rb74 at the same time.


don’t forget that what is weak on air RB can be very good on ground RB. And based on all statistics, they “balance” BR. And the fact that they don’t play their own game too much, they don’t know much about gameplay and their experience on official streams is killing themselves with their own bombs xD I wouldn’t expect very wise decisions. Tables with statistics rule there, even if everyone knows that something is too strong or too weak, they are not interested in it at all. There have been cases where a few good players have jacked up the cost of repairing a plane to sky-high prices just because no one was playing it anyway and their algorithms had a very small sample to study and they still increased the repair cost making the plane totally unplayable for most people. Don’t wishful thinking, something isn’t playable, just don’t play it.

Yes, as you said AJS37 is not a playable plane ,and the biggest problem isn’t that plane. The real issue now is the sweden af doesn’t have a plane worth 11.7br, which is really critical to swedish players.

okay, lets break that down one by one:

the missiles on the D-Viggen has RB71 (DF) wich are equivalent to the AIM-7E2 (DF), wich got quite hard effected by the Recent Drag-Patch to Air-to-Air Missiles but they are still useable if you figure out what distancenses are good to use

even on 11,7 there is plenty of Jets you can easily dogfight:
-the phantoms on 11,0 11,3 11,3

  • all of the tornados
  • all of the J-8s because they are literally a MiG-21bis airframe
    and dogfights do not happens often in TopTier, so your jet dont need to be good at dogfighting things like Mirage 2000s or MiG-29, F-16As (wich are btw one of the best dogfighter planes and literally everything else against it will loose - its not a JA37D issue)

that is not an option, at-all, since this results into fantasy stats for Jets and that is not how Gaijin or War Thunder works blud

buff it to what? fictional stats to make “better” cuz it “sucks”?
it may get RB99 (AMRAAMs) wich should make it more
and keep in mind, D Viggen was a stopgap (of around 3 years) until the GRIPEN enters service

yes, i agree but its not meant to be a great fighter since it is a imprved ground strike Viggen, for CAS Operations

yes because its not a dedicated fighter

yes, and? whats the problem about it? Thats a issue that you cant blame Gaijin for, since SAAB decided to put Guns/Flares at the same Pylons as Missile

No and yes, because its not a fighter, its not meant to be one
ofcourse its lacking Air-to-air capabilties but it was never meant to be good at this

4x RB74 (AIM-9L) should definitly not be on 10,7, just no
since in direct comparsion the Viggen Airframe is superior to the stuff that is flying around 9.7-10.7 or even 11,7 when you keep in mind how many Phantoms there are

it already can do that but ok ( i know what you mean but that is a issue created by SAAB)


yes, but there is a little problem is that, J8 literally isn’t mig21bis airframe, mig21 bis is much worse than J8. J8 has much better trt in low speed, and it is literly better than JA37.
And I really agree that there surely is a lot of phamtoms, but there is still a lot of other planes in 11.7. When it comes to a 1v1 with other planes in 11.7br, it isnt able to win most of the time.Such planes like F14A, Mig23ML, J8F, M2K, is much better in energy fight. So why i want gaijin add thrust? cuz i just want it can be better in low speed and be able to fight against other planes in 11.7 fairly.I have tested most top tier planes, and finally found the trt of the saab is really bad, 22sec at least. While others have a trt of 20 or even better. Maybe those issue will be solved when Grippen releases.
And AJS37, it is surely a ground rb plane, but, it is not a good groud rb plane in 11.3. To be compared with, Mirage2000D, Tornados, F-4E(include israil ones) etc, they all have much better abilities in grinding the AA or tanks, like, f4e have 6 agm not 4; m2k have guides bombs, as30 while taking a aiming pot(which i think is critical). Thank you sincerely for answering me=]

wrong, the J-8 is based on a Mig-21 airframe, same characteristics etc

no it isnt. also what means trt?

and? dogfights dont happen very often in toptier anyways. you also shouldnt go for 1v1s when its not the last two of both teams. 1v1 capabilites are not that neccessary in toptier

i already explained why this is not a option, cuz this is not how War Thunder works, you cant just buff Values to a fantasy value becasue ppl want it that way. get back to reality

the BR of AJS37 is good for GRB.

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