JA37C just give the darn thing RB 74s and retire its Rb 24s

Most head-on engagement you find yourself in you rely on Guns. While every enemy has a high mobility All-aspect you bring your guns. Im tired of grinding the Skyflash on the JA37C with these darn Rb 24Js Any enemy with more than one braincell just flare, and change course slightly. And then you have no other choice but to engage with guns. They pull some moves. Now you are either low energy and die, or overshoot and die.

That first second of the engagement matters, And if you mess up. oh crap do you pay. So having a missile that every enemy is immune to by just pressing drop countermeasures every now and then. Like the American or Russian or you know what. Every other jet has at this tier. Your missiles do absolute squat, radar guns are nice but they almost never hit the mark.

And I’m bringing back a old point now, The JA37C was never made to use the Rb 24 or Rb24J I don’t even know why the heck the devs put the worse missile as a modification??

It used RB 74s and RB 71s, if you compare it to other missiles at its tier. There isn’t much better performance!

So add the RB 74 and throw the RB24 & RB24J in the bin as you should have a while ago now. The JA37C meets the same opponents as the Better JA37D which is ludicrous!!


The F-4E used the darn AIM-9Ms in it’s service life so why not give it those!
Same argument but rephrased.
While I do agree that P type tracer could be added to the JA it compensates for it with a pd radar with gun lead which is a godsend for an 11.0 plane.
There’s planes that suffer more than that thing does at that br, trust me

AIM-9Js are among the best 11.0 missiles in the game.
Wanting JA37C to go to 11.3 is honestly annoying.

As I said, the change will just make it pretty much equal to other planes at its tier, So i feel that the change would literarily do nothing to its br. It would just make frontal engagements bearable. Because that Shitty rear aspect only has never worked well for me, I always meet the noses of others. And they can kill me every time, but i cant do squat!

Sure im very new to 11.0 but i do feel like this is ridiculous!

And i agree that the F-4E should get them!

That darn gun sight has never made me hit anybody, unless they are flying perfectly straight. At 900-400m that thing has never hit anything. So I wouldn’t count it as anything special. The slightest enemy maneuver makes the indicator go wild and i just give up, and turn it off.

You do realize how broken it would be right?
That’s why things are usually split into two separate vehicles in this game ( granted an F-4E late is yet to be added but the point stands).
The same goes for the JAs. The D is there to be a straight upgrade, like it or not, but neither are necessarily bad.
The gun you’re using should be mostly used against maneuvering targets less than 500m ahead of you in dogfights.
In headons fire it at 2-1.5km away, aim slightly above and swiftly disengage to not catch any rounds. It’s an ADEN cannon, it may not connect every time but you have the added stealth benefit so some enemies may not even react. When it hits it hits like a truck.

11.3 is the BR for AIM-9Ls, not 11.0.
JA-37C’s loadout is standard to above average for 11.0 with the airframe performance it has.

Alright i admit defeat, now please help me

Only if JA37D gets it’s amraams

Basicly, you playing even against F-4C and other planes without CM at all.

And 12.7, well, maybe

9J and RB 71 at 11.0 is excellent.

Id rather want the JA37C be unique in what it offers at 11.0 than move up to 11.3.

Don’t admit defeat bud, play more, get more experience, get better.
That’s what the game’s about anyway,

If AV8B, Tornado is 12.3, then I think Viggen can be there as well. It has same loadout, worse radar and horrible RWR.

Id rather have fun, than getting tazed in the nuts learning a completely new play style.

I may pick it up once i grow tired of my current br, or if they make teams smaller in ARB

That sounds… No offense but that sounds like u got a stick up your rear.
It may be a challenge and you may be new to it but trust me, do it for a while and get the hang of it. It’s worth it. ( Don’t forget to take breaks tho, nonstop grinding is what kill the soul the most)

AIM-9L and Syflash plus Doppler at 11.0……too much maybe? Maybe 11.7 BR?

it would be 11.3 like the D

Fast enough(mach 1+) and not worsest maneuvr
Radar also pretty good
But rwr… yes, thats bad

But Magic IIs on the Jaguar IS and Mirage F1C, or R-73s on the Su-25/39 are fine at 11.0/11.3?

Not too mention R-73s, Magic IIs and Aim-9M on very capable air to air platforms well within 1.0 BR range of the Viggen C.

I dont think 9Ls on the Viggen C is all that big of a deal for 11.0. Still probably gunna be below average for that BR bracket in terms of performance. Especially as it will see full uptiers most of the time anyway. Besides. 9Ls are pretty bad these days.