How do i play 11.0 up Swedem

I’m at my wit’s end playing the JA37C, J35D, and AJ37. Every time I see an enemy, it’s like a death sentence. My Rb 24Js are about as effective as trying to take down an opponent with a Sock’em Bop’em toy. When I stick with my team, I get singled out and shot down almost immediately.

The only way I manage to stay alive is by trailing behind my team and hiding.

  • Pros: I stay alive.
  • Cons: I never kill anything or contribute to the team.

I desperately need advice on how to stay alive AND get even 1-2 kills. Back at 9.0 with the J29F, I was a decent all-rounder. But now, everyone I face turns faster, flies faster, and has better missiles and guns than me. Every plane either avoids me or out-turns me, getting on my six no matter how well I know the traps to avoid. I constantly feel like I’m being forced into the “Death Range” of a nearby F-14 or MiG-29. Without any radar missiles, long-range engagements are just a dream. My only option seems to be throwing myself at the enemy and praying I don’t die.

I try to stay vigilant, scanning all around me. Yet, there’s always that one Mirage or some other jet in my blind spot. The second I manage to get all conditions right for a perfect kill, I get hit by a missile that my RWR didn’t pick up, regardless of how many teammates I have nearby. With my limited 48/2 flares, I can only use them once or twice before I’m out and become an easy target for F-4s, MiGs, or whatever else has more missiles than I can counter.

After about 15 matches, I’m so demoralized that it ruins my mood for the rest of the day. I make no progress just hiding behind my team, and it feels hopeless. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to give up, but I’m running out of options.

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Accept that it’s all built to cater to the F-4S and MiG-23ML players, and bite the bullet until you get the JAS39.

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Hahaaa, I’m going to go insane. I still have the JA37D and Finnish MIG-21 to grind trough

I dont even have the money to just simply, skip

I found a solution, play ground RB try to get the J35D as fast as i can and block all the Attackers, that didnt bring any Air-Air missiles or flares!

Simply just dont play Air rb

Alr, as a somewhat adequate swedish air player, here is the play-style you should aim for.

JA-37 C/D
Ideal load-out:
4X ir missile (24J forC, 74 for D)
2X RB-71DF
1X drop tank

Your radar missiles are excellent mid range heavy hitters, and good against targets at altitude.
IR missiles are less reliable, but still work especially at close range or against unsuspecting targets.
You will run out of fuel, i take full fuel and drip tank and still sometimes run out.


Ideal load-out
2X 24J (AJ) or 2X24J and 2X 74 (AJs)
1X CM pod, 1X gun-pod / 2X CM pod
1X drop tank

High power IR missile hit and run
Especially on AJ, your FM is ridiculous at your BR
Run full fuel and drop tank

MiG-21 BIS

Ideal Load-out:
5X r60MK
1X R3R/R13M1
1X Drop Tank

Launch R-60MKs at 1.5~ KM in a headon
Gun works great
R3R/R13M1 for longer ranges

Hope this helps!

Skip J-35D because no flare you basically free are a kill
AJ-37 kinda good because of flight performance of Viggen is very good but you need to manage weapons load out to make it work
same goes AJS-37 with a little up BR but get 9L in return
can hold itself against F-4E and mig-21 pretty good also come with PD radar all aspect while skyflash is meh at long range but still work nice at close range (but not too close)
JA-37D just JA-37C with some upgrades with flare pod and AIM-9L with a little bit up BR but common enemy here are MiG-23ML and F-4S which had better or more long range weapons than you
Ever play MiG-21 before if do when you should familiar with it if not just use using speed and R-60MK head on people at 1.5 km or less or become thirds party
Use to be good and still good but since fox-3 becomes a thing furball happen less often than before you can either skip or try to find the way to get sneak to put fox 2 on people because 9M pretty can do the job
Now it king good flight performance of Gripen lot of CM now with AMRAAM as fox 3 good radar only lacking amount of weaponry it can carrying as only flaws