JA37C just give the darn thing RB 74s and retire its Rb 24s

Prove that any of them are Viggens that carry 6x IR missiles.
I’ll wait.
9Ms aren’t at 11.0.
Jaguar is transonic.
F-1C is inferior to Viggen in airframe, being arguably under-BR’d but has only 2 Magic 2s.

9Ls would make it 11.3, that or we make F-4EJ Kai 11.3 based on your recommendation.
Kurnass 2000 goes to 11.0.
So on and so forth.

9Ls and R-73s are not bad… LOL!
Dude, you shouldn’t have discredited yourself.

All of then get a maximun of 2 missiles with irccm, and from all of them only the f1c have a performance close to the viggen, but unlike the viggen its semi active missile is can be chaffed, so basically have only two missiles. Not to mention that the the magic 2 is relatively short range, and cab be flared easily at range and in frontal aspect.