Ja37C/D Overtierd?

So with the new changes to rwr and new missiles, should the viggen stay at its current BR?
I feel like with the current rwr nerf and the worse missiles it shouldn’t be at 11.7
It has:
Bad radar
Bad rwr (after the update)
One of the worst radar missiles
Only 9L’s or J’s at the top
No tracers
And a bad flight model at its tier.

I have over 1500 kills and lots of time with the viggen D and I can manage, but i dont see a future for the JA37D at the top. with such a bad loadout and electronics. Its gonna be very hard to do anything
I feel like the viggen should go down a bit in BR (JA37D 11.3 and JA37C 10.7) or get better missiles because this is not gonna be fun!

Let me know what you think. I love the viggen and cant wwait for the grippen. but man is it a strugglebus.
Im almost tempted to grind the US because of this.

And btw Gaijin, good job with the changes. really love the rwr rework and all the economy changes.


viggen have to go down to 11.3 cant stand in top tier


Funny thing is currently Mig23ML-MLA and MLD sits at 11.3 while having better radar missiles and ir missiles (R24T) and better flight performance.

Gaijin loves to do double policy against Nato vehicles.


I feel you, I grinded out the mig29 last update out of rage. Also currently working towards f16

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i totally agree, and also the AJ37 and AJS37 compared to other CAS in the same BR. its massively outmatched. not only that but having that as the best CAS of the nation makes it so they are the only CAS options for top tier tank RB for Sweden. meaning that the AJS37 at 11.3 (which is already to high) is constantly facing Pantsir-S1’s and Tor-M1’s and just dying.


The AJS Viggen is a strike aircraft and very limited in fighting targets of opportunity, except in her anti-ship role. There she most likely would´ve shined in a real conflict.

This text was posted in 2021 in a non WT-forum and is quite an interesting read.
I know it doesn´t help with your in-game issue with having no CAS for Sweden on that br :).

Simple answer: the Swedish air force during the Cold War did not do CAS. Full stop.

There was no CAS doctrine, the army had no forward air controllers (except maybe at the very tail end of the 1980s, when they started getting something vaguely similar), and the air force and the army did not exercise together. CAS is something you can afford to do when you have air superiority, but the Swedish air force counted on having absolutely no hope of air superiority. The Swedish air force strike aircraft were strategic assets, not tactical, and could absolutely not be wasted on plinking tanks. Strategic high value targets only - invasion fleets, beachheads, bridges, big supply dumps, large convoys, etc. That went for the SK60 as well, although it was far less capable.

All of the AJ 37 squadrons were organized in a formation called E1, första flygeskadern. The chain of command was such that the immediate superior of the commander of E1 was the commander-in-chief, or the joint headquarters, which kinda illustrates what level of importance the intended targets would have. E1 could be likened to the USAF Strategic Air Command, but without the nukes. Under some circumstances though the headquarters could offer a military district commander (who would be in command of all forces in his district, typically at the very least a few brigades) a number of strike sorties per day that he could use as he saw fit. He would most certainly not waste these on plinking tanks either, but rather trying to get at supply lines or other strategic targets.

CAS doctrine development sort of started to be developed during the latter half of the 1980’s though, but it was only the SK 60 squadrons that did it at first.

e: actually I went and looked up some sources and it looks like the SK 60 squadrons started developing something vaguely CAS-like earlier than I thought - they started training army-air force coordination platoons as early as the mid-70’s. Still though it seems to have been a rather gradual process and they preferred pre-planned missions.


Absolutely, which is exactly why it should be a lower BR than it currently is. All the other strike aircraft of the same BR have way better both air-to-ground and air-to-air capabilities.


I don´t fly in War-Thunder, but being kind of a Viggen enthusiast I simply couldn´t resist in chatting. Hope you can have a role/playstyle with her soon.

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Same here ^^ I’m just hoping they add the JAS39 soon, it has way better air-to-ground capabilities and would fit nicely in top tier :)

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The JA37D should be at 11.3 BR like mig23ML/D/A. JA37C is kinda ok at his current BR. Actually whole viggen family in wt should go down in BR


I fly the Viggens quite a lot. JA37D should definitely go to 11.3, JA37C should stay at 11.0, it could possibly go to 10.7 but it’s a bit of a stretch, definitely not higher though.
AJ37 is fine at 10.7, but also possibly one step lower, however AJS37 does NOT belong in 11.3. Both of the AJ’s can stay at their current BR’s if they got their realistic 2 extra pylons/armament though.


Viggen C is getting a buff via the Aim-9J buff, which bascially makes it very nice at 11.0 as far as im concerned. And while the Viggen D is not amazing against the many 12.0 aircraft it faces, it has the missiles and airframe to hold it its own.

I don’t really see a reason for either to move much.

The radar and radar missile of the Viggen C makes it basically have 2 guaranteed kills at its BR as long as its not a full uptier.


And some testing ive done on the dev server shows the shielded engine will help it a lot against the new IRCCM missiles

Its 10.3 RB unless i missed a dev server change there. And a very good 10.3 at that. Its no Mig 21 SMT, but most things arent.

As long as Mig23 family sits at 11.3 D model Viggen should also recieve the same treatment.

I do agree with you on the C viggen but the D viggen is way outclassed by its piers on the same br.
And you will always be in a full uptier and its no match against the new planes.
The Skyflashes are really bad for its tier + the radar just refuses to lock like 60% off the time. (espessially in sim) and locks on to chaff and loses lock for no reason sometimes.

I have to hope every match that I dont end up facing a competent mig29 or f16 player because they will most of the time kill me. And I am not a bad Viggen player at all

Never had that happened.

Yes, usually because of accidentall or intentional notching. Its prone to it, but you can work around it.

Well, against the 9M and R73 its probably gonna be among the best against those specifically.

Like its not great, but the 9L basically makes it fine at the BR it is, even if it suffers from constant uptiers. Would i preffer them moving it to 11.3 where it would smash? Yes

Its not because of notching. I have had this happend to me so many times where the enemy is flying straight to me or in like a slight off angle and it just would not lock. I even tested it with a buddy and other PD radars do not have this issue at the same angles.

It has not happend so much after the last update but still happends.

I just want the viggen to have a spot in the meta, and currently (AND SPECIALLY AFTER THE UPDDATE) its just in a sad state.
it isnt very good at anything. just ok enough at most things. and now with the RWR nerf its only getting worse while all the planes around it get buffed, or gets new kinda OP missiles.

I dont think it will stomp at 11.3 because the mig23 is there and its doing just fine, even with better missiles. and the viggen and mig 23 are pretty even. so why should it be above something while is worse than that plane?

And you are sure this isn’t because without manually pointing the radar somewhere the vertical search cone for the viggen is really narrow?

I wonder how Gaijin will handle the implementation of the AMRAAMs in the game, since the JA37D was specifically designed to carry AMRAAMs it is highly likely receive them. If it were up to me, I think the sensible solution would be:

  • Introduce the JA37 to the game at BR 11.0, equipped as the JA37C is.
  • Give JA37C AIM-9L (Rb74), place it in 11.3
  • Give JA37D AMRAAMs (Rb99), place it in 12.3. The strength of the kit should allow the Viggen-D to remain competitive even up-BR’d.

Note to be clear: I don’t fly the JA37, but I often fly against them or I fly with squadmates who do. So you can take my opinion with a grain of salt lol