JA37 AKAN M/75 missing tracers

Title and image make it self explanatory.

Edit: Here is another source image, for those who need two.



Make a but report?
As well as a manual you also need a secondary source mind you.

I’ve tried to, it doesn’t want to let me make a report and keeps giving me the same error code. As for the image, that is taken straight from the 1980’s Ammunitionregister handbook.


Here’s another cross-sectional of the ammo.


The “Ovnojr” is the round, yes I know ÖvnPjr is the designation for “Practice projectile,” but it’s needed, and would work as a light AP round. Not to mention the “Minsgr” has the tracer unit too, so it’s HEI-T, as noted above, which would make your ground Belts be “SAPHEI-SAPHEI-SAPHEI-HEIT” or standard belts “SAPHEI-HEIT-SAPHEI-HEIT” so a tracer every other round at ≈22 rounds per second.

I mean, cool and all but uhh… I’m not a tech mod and, sorry for this, not interested in swedish stuff.
Do include it in the report if you do make one tho.
From the way I see it it does look like a P type shell which is basically just weak AP ( as you said) but I suppose a shell like that could be included even though it would diminish the overall effectiveness of the belt

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It would probably be a 4+1, like how they changed the AKAN M/55’s to, used to only be a 4 set, now with tracers it’s a 5 set. If the HEI receives its tracer module, it would relieve the need for the ÖVNPJR.

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If it has a tracer, why isn’t there some number that would say “tracer”?

The TP is just an inert HEI shell but I fail to see how the first picture or the cross section mention or show a tracer.

At the very bottom of the shell, the white rectangle, denotes that the HEI has a tracer, because the OVNPJR is the training round, confirmed to have a tracer unit, which looks the exact same as the HEI, meaning the HEI has a tracer.

None of these rounds are tracer.

There exists tracer rounds that can be used, and its none of the above. Its just not there because Sweden didn’t use it.

For various reasons they decided to add it to the older Akans.


It just doesn’t make sense though, tracer rounds are important in being able to effectively shoot down enemy aircraft. Especially for training purposes.

Yet its not designated to be using tracer. There exists a tracer round and you will have more luck advocating it to be added rather than pointing to rounds that are not tracer.

Im against it mostly because i think it was a nice quirk with the Swedish 30mm that it doesn’t have tracer.

According to almighty chat gpt:

The Viggen’s radar, specifically the PS-46/A radar, played a crucial role in air-to-air combat. It provided targeting information that could be fed into the fire-control system. This system would compute the necessary aiming corrections for the pilot, taking into account factors like the target’s speed, distance, and relative movement. The heads-up display (HUD) in the cockpit would then present the pilot with visual cues and aiming reticles to assist in accurately firing the cannon.

Basically the pilot would use radar assisted aiming to lead the gun.

Even in WW2 the RAF fired tracerless rounds from their Hispano cannons against air targets.
If you a gyro gun sight, tracer are also not really necessary, since the sight already shows you where you need to aim to hit.

Which it has in game, it’s just not accurate, at all unless in straight flight.

Also, sadly isn’t implemented. The A/J-29 Tunnans would be absolute beasts in Sim.

Well, there’s also a thread how target lead indicator for SPAA is not accurate.

It’s a general WT problem.

We also don’t have working gyro gun sights or B-29 lead computer for the turrets, which should all boost the capabilities of such vehicles.

I’m sure you can use test flight or trainings mission to learn the trajectory of the gun and your point of aim for different ranges.

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I know the gun, it just takes a second, and a few short bursts, usually 25-40 rounds to crit a plane. I have better aim without the lead computer usually.

I mean, some belts in game have practice shells
Can’t remember which off the top of my head

EDIT: Japanese Ho-5 cannons have practice shell in the default belt
EDIT #2: French Hispano 404 cannons also have practice shell in the default belt

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I’d say go for the report
The new default ammo (should Gaijin introduce the practice tracer) could be “HEI - P - SAPHEI”
The current default ammo would then become universal

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I’ve tried reports, it constantly gives the same error code. I’d love to, but It won’t let me.

I wish there was a way to choose what specific rounds I fire out of my automatic gun. Like a custom belt almost.


Yeah custom ammo belts would be very confinent 🤔😄