JA37 AKAN M/75 missing tracers

Been wanting this for forever.

I was looking at German AlphaJet ammo belts currently and noticed something very interesting


Notice the “Practice tracer shell”?
Isn’t that exactly what you were suggesting for the gun on JA37?


i mean, they did give tracers to the AJ37/AJS37 so why not the JA37 variants as well?

I could be wrong on this

But gunpods which AJ37 and AJS37 use are based on ADEN 30mm cannon
JA37C/D use Oerlikon 30mm based gun or something? Not sure on that

Yes they are different cannons.
i ment more as a principle.

If there was a Tracer shell, Gaijin would have implemented it.

Even though, now that I think about it, Gaijin is as fast as a snail when it comes to making changes to aircraft cannon ammunition.


AKAN m/55 is a standard ADEN, AKAN m/75 is a modified ADEN with a completely different shape and ammuntion cartridge size, being a larger mmR cartridge

i said

had you read two more posts.

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I mean, they’re different as in, one is an actual ADEN and the other is I believe an Oerlikon KCA which is a different gun entirely

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which… is what i said…

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Oh ye I forgot to mention that as well.
Sorry mans

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I read that as a question, sorry!