J5N1 is severely over BR'd

The J5n1 is so much worse than anything 5.7 has to offer, even other twin engine heavy fighters. It has an airspawn, and yet things like the bf109 g6 sit many meters above it (and faster speeds) the g6 is a very popular plane that not only out climbs it, but also out runs, out maneuvers, out dives and out does it in every single regard that’s not the gun count and caliber of such. The J5n1 is even worse than the XP-50 that sits 1.7BR below it. It’s outclassed by the f82 in it’s role, and even p47s (they’re not boats by any means) can catch it up. The J5n1 is slower than a 4.3 spitfire mk9 in straight lines, it gets out diven by almost everything and it doesn’t even have any good ergonomy to begin with, so it’s BR is not even remotely justifiable like that on the f7f and the c202s.

It’s an aircraft that forces you to side climb into oblivion and arrive at a match where either your team is dead or the enemy is dead.

Given the current state of the spotting system this plane has now been deprived of what it relied on the most: spotting dots.

Sounds like you know how to play it then :)

yea, I do

Okay, then why are you complaining about it? Hoping it will go down in BR so it can seal club some easier targets?

Have in mind that the fellow player you are referring to creates similar threads now for several years - almost all of his topics were already posted in the old forum, with basically the same content like in this case:

You find him posting the same stuff with 3 different names.

Come to your own conclusions…


what is your logic here? I’ve sweated my soul to play it properly; I came back to play it again after a year and it’s still as bad as it was. It was never good, well in fact it used to be 5.3 where it was somewhat decent but it moved to 5.7 before I ever unlocked the second tier of mods. Have you faced any? It’s one of the rarest tech tree planes to see in matches and only highly skilled players frequently use them.

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doesn’t stop me from being right in this one and many of the other threads I made. Not my issue if I point at the elephant in the room and you look the opposite side.

Ahh okay. Thank you for this info. I wasn’t ever on the old forums much so makes since why I didn’t se other posts :)

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Nobody claimed that you are wrong with your topics.

Nobody claimed that you are wrong with your topics.

so why was I refuted then laughed at?

Your complaining about all these things, but then show and say that you know how to use it.

Yeah actually, quite a few times, and let me tell you, it’s quite a good aircraft. I’ve been outturned, outclimbed and once out dived by it… Also it’s frontal armament if quite good as well and can shred anything it catches in it’s crosshairs.

Nobody laughed. I saw this topic, the T-18B topic and so many others from you so often that i was simply knocked out by deja-vus.

You might remember that i supported you multiple times, like in this case:

It is simply the sheer masses of threads with usually the same content…

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If you were outturned by a J5N1 then you were either in a plane that turns poorly or you played poorly, because the turning characteristics are simply not good.

Similarly the rip speed of the J5N1 is 810 km/h which is not particularly high.

Climb rate is something the J5N1 is actually fairly decent at, but there are planes at this BR range that are flat out better.

A plane like the P-38K pretty much outclasses the J5N1, except in armament. And armament only matters if you can get your nose on target in the first place, which can be avoided against a J5N1 by just not playing poorly.

Previously the BR of the J5N1 was more or less justified by how powerful the 30 mm cannons were. They have since been nerfed substantially, and yet none of the planes that had BRs justified by the “overwhelming armament” (like J7W1 and J5N1) have gone down in BR.


you have all the rights to complain about something if you know how to use it. If you’re clueless then you should learn before complaining.

I do both. More likely complaining while being clueless instead of previously learning.

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but popular planes that have options to equal their armament without much of a performance reduction stayed in BR; being the g6 carrying up to three 30mm cannons while sitting at 4.7

rip speed is not really an issue if the plane had insane maneuverability and MER like yak3s or was at least fast in straight lines with stupendous high airspeed handling like the sea fury, or insane stall handling like the i225. The J5n1 has none of these and while it climbs better than the f82 it’s still worse at climbing than many of the 4.7-5.3 bracket.

The problem with the j5n1 and many of the heavy fighters is that their minimum fuel (30 percent) is way too high turning them into buses, while p38s have the smallest 30 percent and that’s why they can dance around like a butterfly despite being as wide as our moms.

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I’m not saying that you can’t complain. I was just confused about why you were complaining if you knew how to play it. I understand the frustration of playing and playing against planes that are over or under tiered.

This however, makes no since to me. If you don’t know how to use a vehicle and immediately complain about it, then you need to learn it before complaining.

Perhaps there are sheer masses of aircraft with the same problem? A6M5 Ko, J7W1, R2Y2s, and later Ki-84s/N1Ks certainly don’t belong at their BRs, among many others.


true that, but at least hte a6m’s are maneuverable, the j7w1 is fast after diving, and ki84s are still like yak 3s on steroids. The J5N1 is only good at post stalling and it’s not even as good at it as the 109. Especially since p47 d28s out climb you all day even while starting from a 1.4km altitude airspawn.

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Their problems can be reduced to 2 topics:

  1. US and USSR are highly popular for rookies - dragging BRs too low
  2. Countries like JP & IT are usually 2nd or third trees for players

So if the rookies can’t handle US planes and USSR planes are not really overtiered due to “reasons” - the experienced player looking for another challenge researches JP or Italy - increasing their BRs.

That non-pilots are the majority in Air RB is obvious. So whilst the rookie ruins statistics for US and USSR planes, the experienced JP/IT pilots are increasing BRs.

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All of them do have their strengths, but they’re still vastly outmatched by a good chunk of other aircraft at (or even below, in J7W1’s case) their BR.

But yeah, all of them (including J5N1) need BR re-evaluations, because as the most recent reply states their BR is driven higher by the low IQ of your average big 3 main…