J-8F problems collection(MAWS, PL-11, IRCCM missiles)

yeah, but the SD-10A come out earlier than PL-12 get into service lol


There’s no proof that the Pl-12 and Pl-12A are different besides possible minor sensor upgrades. Most sources never even talk about PL-12A, B, C or D variants because literally nothing is known. What IS known is that the SD-10A on AVIC’s website is identical to the claims of the Pl-12/SD-10; the mods smacked down the report because it is neuron activation of SD-10A != Pl-12, no thought or education on the subject matter was presented in the denial, just a knee jerk reaction.

Regardless, I don’t have time anymore to hunt down and try to prove them wrong (RIP full time work) so I will dump some of the screenshots of information I’ve collected thru Chinese sources for y’all to use:


Hope this helps anyone with more free time get this fixed.


With no limit on the number of Top BR jets 12.3↑ will fight more 13.0.
In such a match, all the J-8F, given only PL-12s, can do is fire its only two PL-12s from medium range and RTB .
Do not engage in combat with GEN 4 jet fighters. J-8F will be defeated by the IRCCM, not to mention their aircraft performance.
As an added bonus, the upcoming 13.0 jet will be equipped with MAWS. Oh J-8F, what happened to your MAWS that you had when you were in Dev? Any PL-8 that is released from behind will be prevented by the thing.
It is much stronger to stay at 11.7 without PL-12 than to be at BR12.3 in the next update with the current Dev performance.
If going to 12.3, then strengthening is a must.Sir


PL-5E hasn’t IRCCM but would be a good addition nonetheless.
PL-5E-II has too strong of an IRCCM, being dual-band
PL-8A has a twin-element FoV gating seeker similar to the Magic 2 and R-73
PL-8B has quad-element seeker which upgrades IRCCM, unsure how much but likely too much
J-8F with PL-8A and PL-5E would likely be bumped up to 12.7 same as the ICE, but would probably perform better there than currently.

or switch pl-5b to pl-5c, and lower br to 12.0


I made one

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Finally, some source that suggest J-8F still keeps the ability of using PL-11
@MiG_23M It seems J-8F still find some way to use PL-11


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As it stands j8f is the only 12.3 without irccm capability.


@InterFleet so it seems J-8F can use PL-11.

I asked Andreis Ruprecht for his list of sources on J-8 and he was unable to provide anything but various secondary and tertiary sources + photos of the new plane’s ordnance with no PL-11 next to it at the time they were showing off the new PL-12.

Did any of the sources on the J-8’s new radar also agree that there is no CW illumination device? Perhaps it can guide on a HPRF frequency or something.

maybe, before this, the argue is that PL-12 comes into service almost same time as J-8F, and not reliable at first time, Chinese army won’t stand this without a backup plane, in this situaion, PL-11.
Now, we finally have evidence, even a launching cut.

there have been an issue, but not a bugged for no reason
J-8F 可以发射PL11/J-8F can launch PL-11 // Gaijin.net // Issues

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@Gunjob @Metrallaroja

I believe my report that the J-8F could not use PL-11 is now proven false, also it was marked ‘duplicate’ originally. Can y’all see if there is an internal report or source that shows the J-8F can / can’t use PL-11?

If there is no further sources than what I provided in my report, I’d request that it be marked as not a bug or fixed and amend the error by adding the PL-11 to the J-8F once more.

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possibly no, if there is any, someone would post it before. Only some Chinese military critics suggested it can. I think there are some classfied docs but they are classfied, so the critics can only “suggest”, but cant give any source they know.

There’s a possibility that it’s J-8H can be able fired PL-11

the show is about a specific squadron in west China using J-8F

I heard some sourses said late Sparrows could be guided with HPRF instead of CW, and we said J-8F can’t use PL-11 because Aspide use CW to guide and Type 1492 radar dont have ability to use CW, but is there a possibility thay PL-11 could use something not CW to guide? Maybe it’s not just a China made Aspide but also have upgrades

Why not launch the PL-9 series air-to-air missiles once and for all? They must be resistant to infrared interference!

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It’s certainly possible considering that it is a work of 1990s rather than much earlier, so the missile could certainly use HPRF, but it is only a speculation without source. PL11 are not just Aspides since they do have improvements but I have no sources even suggesting these improvements include HPRF guidance capabilities.

well, now we know the result, so whether J-8F gets its cw back, or PL-11 is upgraded with HPRF guidance

pl11 does not support hprf, all users have cwi,Both the 1473 and 149x have cwi on top of the radar antenna

Really cause the sources all suggest that they do not have CWI, where did your sources come from? I will be very interested to see the source if possible.