J-8F problems collection(MAWS, PL-11, IRCCM missiles)

Considering J-8F’s multiple problem, I changed this topic into a lasting problem collection topic.
I’m not a good information collector, most information comes from other people, I will try my best to collect information posted in forum.

1. J-8F should get IRCCM missiles

F4F ICE gets its AIM-9Li, J-8F should also get it’s PL-8B, PL-5E or any other anti-interference IR missiles.
Stock PL-5B will be not suitable for 12.3 BR, and its flight performance is not so good compared to Mig-29, F-16, not to mention F-15A.
ARH missile is an advantage, but not a big advantage, especially consider its flight performance(lose speed quickly when pulling G, and acceleration ability also not good in this br)
I suggest change stock PL-5B to PL-8 or PL-5C, and change PL-8 to PL-8B or PL-5E.

2. Lacking MAWS

The J-8F in dev server still lacks MAWS which it should already have before.
in the dev stream it’s mentioned but “unfinished”
in the photo, there are a clear view of the little optical probe in tail

图文:国产SE-2机载导弹逼近告警设备_新浪军事_新浪网 (sina.com.cn)
中国主力战机安装新型MAWS系统 可防敌军导弹暗算|导弹|战机|中国_新浪军事_新浪网 (sina.com.cn)

3. PL-11 ability

J-8F still find some way to use PL-11
PL-12 comes into service almost same time as J-8F, and not reliable at first time, Chinese army won’t stand this without a backup plane, in this situaion, PL-11.
Now, we finally have evidence, even a launching cut.

book source
J-8F problems collection(MAWS, PL-11, IRCCM missiles) - #82 by pegabug

issues about J-8F

J-8F lacks MAWS
J-8F 可以发射PL11/J-8F can launch PL-11 // Gaijin.net // Issues
J8F lacks SE2 MAWS // Gaijin.net // Issues


it did?

still working on it but it will

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ngl the J-8F being 11.0 should have all aspect IR missiles…

it would likely be the same situation of the fgr2 where it wont get all aspect due to the fact it would be higher br than gaijin wants it to be

Bro 11.0 is J-8B with Aspide and PL-5B x2
J-8F is 12.3 in next patch (even higher than Falcon and Fulcrum), and even in 11.7 at now, stock grinding is really crazy cause in most of battles i must fight with 12.3s with only PL-5B
Same things happens on F-16A MLU, with 2x AIM-9P


i forgor 💀

it’s J-8B with a poor radar, 4 PL-5B or 2 PL-5B + 2 Aspide
J-8F is 10.7 with 6 PL-8, and will be 12.3 in next patch with 4 PL-8 + 2 PL-12


no, it shouldn’t, because china doesn’t have any that would be fair at 11.0. The only all aspects at 11.0 are basically R-60Ms which are like 1/3rd as good as any chinese all aspect

But J-8F will be 12.3 with PL-8/Python3

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read what I quoted

I see, but this tread is about J-8F, J-8B is fine and can be left along


Yeah, but 11.7 no radar missiles + worst air frame means it is practically the worst fighter and worst grind.


The J-8F at 11.7 is a good aircraft and one of my most favourite, next patch however it will be 12.3 with 2x PL-12 missiles. At 12.3 I will need its historical MAWS and PL-8Bs for it to be somewhat competitive otherwise it may struggle.

Flight performance wise it should be better than the F-15C and with my testing’s it should be pretty good for dogfights if used correctly.

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How is the J8F better than F15C? It should just be a slightly faster mig 21 and its an interceptor, so its best performance should be at high altitudes, but currently without Fox3s it can’t go up. I think it should be much better after getting Fox 3s since you can now use your good radar.


You can submit bug reports for missing PL-5E or PL-8B here: Gaijin.net // Issues

It doesn’t seem like Gaijin has a lot of information on those systems so it would be best to just submit information that you have on those systems here.

It probably just need to be PL8 with anti IR interference.

It’s not that simple. What type of anti IR intereference? One like R-73, or like R-27T, or like AIM-9M with shut-off?

Is there a python in game with anti IR interference?

no, Chinese did their own improvement. PL-8A uses binary IR seeker, PL-8B is quaternary, with batter and super better anti IR intereference.