I've spaded every italian plane (minus a few bombers) up to 11.0 as well as every Italian tank up to 8.7. (Currently on F-104S.ASA for air and VCC/60 and VBC Pt2 for ground) Ask me anything, also, my own opinion on the Italian tree inside


As the title says, I’ve for some reason made it a goal to spade every italian plane and every italian tank in game (along with some helicopters along the way occasionally). Feel free to ask me about anything related to that and I will do my best to give you a thorough answer.

Just as a secondary topic, I’d like to say that I whole heartedly suggest the Italian tree (at least for ground) greatly if you want a change of pace from the standard playstyles you’re probably used to from the big 3 nations. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this journey as much as I did but honestly italian tanks are very fun and are actually quite good usually at their respective BRs (at least from what I have played.)

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I spaded everything in the Italian TT apart from AMX, AV-8B+, Tornado ADV (can’t check right now, but there can also be a few planes which got new modification after I spaded them, though iirc I aced spaded them all again), ZSU-57-2, ZSU-23-4, KF-41 and RN Conte di Cavour (as well don’t remember if I researched a new modification on Regolo or not). Ah, there are also helicopters: AH-129D, Mi-24D and V.
I enjoy most of vehicles, but of course I have some I don’t really like to play (or I need certain mood to play them): M113, Sidam-25, top tier jets (in general XD), CRDA boats, Soldati destroyers, Csaba and KF-41, AB 205A-1.
PS get ready to spade “new” Hungarian line ;)


I wanted to explore ww2 italian tech and then it expanded into their cold war/modern stuff

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Tbf I only had problems with one tank in the Italian ground forces tree… the goddamn C13 T90. The gun handling without the mods is atrocious and probably the worst I have experience in my 7-8 years of playing this game. I literally missed tanks 300 meters in front of me bc the shell just decided to go into orbit.

Other than that it’s a good tec tree. The Arietes might be a little overtiered and I would be happy if the Otomagic had a few more APFSDS shells but other than that good tec tree.

Just hoped that we would have received a couple domestic Hungarian planes

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Is it worth it to buy the F-104S TAF ? How does it fair against its counterparts at 11.0 ?
As someone who is used to suffering with the Tornado MFG, limited countermeasures and 2x 9L’s that will most of the time only net one kill, I want to avoid another brick that might be more useless.

I finished the Italian TT naval (blue water) and I am currently grinding Tier VII in ground and Tier Vi in air.
I wonder if the Ariete (P) is so bad as others are saying. Thanks

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Take a Leopard 2K, nerf its maneuverability, take away the 20mm, move it to 10.3, and that’s the Ariete (P).
Then you grind the Ariete PSO in hopes that at some point the Italians must have realized what the turret bustle is for, only to be greeted by the grim reality that they did not realize what its for, and due to the ammo locations you are grinding the worst tanks in existence.

I wouldn’t suggest it. Besides being identical to the F-104S which is a problem for some, it also just isn’t good in the meta right now. One of the worst 11.0 planes overall in my opinion but not unplayable. It can work if you’re experienced.

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What do you think about Tornado ADV? I recently unlocked F-16A and Tornado IDS and currently researching it.

4 9Ls, 4 SARHs, PD, a lot of flares at 11.3 seems very underrated even though it’s a bus.

Also do you think it should go down to rank 7? As of now i see no reason to grind it because at rank 8 you get F-16A and the MiG-29 is also coming this update so unless you really want it you don’t need to grind it. Lowering it’s rank will give people another option to grind rank 7 and 8 besides the F104S and AMX and provide a very different playstyle, being a missile bus and all.

Ariete (P) isn’t bad, 2A4 is better though, in general 10.3 line-up is pretty strong. Later Arietes are overtiered.

My input on jets:
F-104S is one of the best 11.0s in the game. Great ambush fighter/bomber. However requires good teams for victories.
AMX is one of the best subsonic 10.3s, best used for rocketing ground targets or turnfighting hot afterburning targets like Phantoms.
Sagittario is a turnfighting Mig-17.
Tornado IDS is a meta CAS/bomber.
G91Y is a little monster of an energy fighter.
Tornado ADV is identical to the F3, a good boom zoom furball management aircraft, but it can’t do more than that.

G91YS being 9.7 makes it more difficult to use than the Y.


If you like ambushing enemies and ground striking, it’s a really good jet.
Otherwise Ariete is a better option if you prefer turn/energy fighting.

Leopard 2K with worse engine but thermals and DM33.

ADV is strong at 11.3, however you HAVE to play it as a boom-zoom furball management aircraft.
The art of disengaging enemies is required.

Idk I used to like using my F-104S (regular one) to destroy bases and fight others in the late phase of the game, if I still survive, but it was before F-16 and others have come. Btw I’m actually surprised they haven’t put any Hungarian MiG into premium section, on the other hand store team rarely remembers Italy as in game nation.

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F-104S is one of the best 11.0s in the game. Great ambush fighter/bomber. However requires good teams for victories.

It’s certainly reliable, it can get there first, bomb a base with 3 napalm bombs without sacrificing A2A capabilities, but i think the MiG-21bis is just better with all-aspect R60Ms and better flight performance.

AMX is one of the best subsonic 10.3s, best used for rocketing ground targets or turnfighting hot afterburning targets like Phantoms.

Agree. AMX is one of my favourite aircraft now, it’s very good in GRB and fun to fly in ARB too.

Sagittario is a turnfighting Mig-17.

I have the Ariete, best buy I have done in this game. Absolutely insane flight performance, nearly untouchable in 1v1, you can dunk even in an uptier against missile trucks like Su-25 and annihilate MiG-21s if you get them to turn. Strongly recommend to buy it if you love jet gunfigthers.

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I want Ariete cause of simulator and early cold war designs are neat.

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The AMX is OP in sim battles because its RWR is way more advanced then most jets in its BR and it also get Aim-9Ls which only a few other jets get those in that BR. Also having both of those on a airframe that can almost do mach 1 is crazy.

Don’t have the Tornado ADV

I’m planning for br 10.3 the ariete and Leo. What about the third?

The Italian TT is perhaps the most fun of all, maybe because I enjoy playing especially with the light vehicles of each nation and Italy offers quite a few of them in all BR, the WWII planes are all nice to play even if overrated compared to to the competition, the F-104S I played when it was 10.7 and it was a beast, same goes for the ASA before the F-16 and Mig-29 were added. The naval TT is not bad even if the competition is significantly better both in the coastal and in the blue waters, here too many boats are overvalued.

Freccia, Spikes aren’t reliable, but this one is still a lot of fun to play. I launch 2 Spikes at once in head-to-head or at distance, but the funniest tactics is the same as on VBC, agressive fast attacks shredding enemy sides)
My line-up consists from:
Leopard 2A4, Ariete (P), Freccia, AMX, Dardo, VCC-80/30 (I can also change one of last 3 with A-129 Int./T129/A129CBT, T-72M1, VRCC and etc, though now I spade KF-41).