It's time for Gaijin to finally fix the Challenger 2 instead of carrying all it's issues over into each new tank

I would love to finally see my favourite tank actually get alot closer to it’s IRL self with…

. better armour protection on the mantle, turret side and ufp.

. Gets it’s Spall liner

. Better manoeuverability by adding regenerative steering

. L27A1 buff

. All add-on armour kit variance from Dorchester level 2E to Dorchester Level 2I get there correct protection levels

. Gets are correct ammunition storage locations in the vehicle and the incorrect ones removed.

. Correct engine sounds

If gaijin actually fully listen to us for once and choose to fix challenger 2 I will be so happy I’ve been fighting for this for years at this point now, from the moment the chieftain Mk3 was added to now I have been constantly fighting to get are MBTs as close as i can to it’s IRL self and it’s been so hard especially when chally 1 came into game that was absolute hell to try and get fixed and it’s still not but if we can actually succeed in getting challenger 2 fixed I will be absolutely over the moon about it and I’ll finally be able to rest knowing we actually did it but until the Devs actually respond I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best !!!


After seeing what we got with the stinger missile situation im not gunna lie… I’m not hopeful. but this at least has a premium tank being affected by something that can be easily be fixed. Otherwise i think this’ll join the other removed premiums in the (too trash to stay) bargain bin in 12 months.


At least some good news in this link, but if it gets worse than the Merkava 4M, it will have to be reviewed. Too bad it took 2 years… Community Bug Reporting System


Hopefully :)

Please add this to the list:

It mentions the ERA/NERA issues.

It is on the og topic, but we stepped on a giant mine while doing research, that caused everything that we knew about the TES/OES side armor do a 180 flip. Name of the report says it all “ERA is not ERA”

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Oh I see, thanks!

After reading through that and the documents I posted on my issue it’s made me slightly confused on what is classed as what on the Challengers.

Is the Burlington/Chobham/Dorchester armour the parts that are inside the vehicle’s hull and turret?
Is the external addon armour on the Challenger Mk3, Challenger 2F, TES and OES variations of the ASPRO-HMT mentioned in that thread you linked?

Welcome to the MoD naming scheme. No one knows half the time.

From what I understand (and I really dont understand much)

Chobham is the base armour of the tank.

Dorchester is the external upgrade packets

but TES and OES have more than just Dorchester

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It is used for the Cr1 internal armor

Cr2 internal armor

Dorchester are armor packages that can were equipped on the tanks from the outside. They go from versions 2E to 2I, with 2F having 2 and 2I having 3 subversions. They use Chobham and other materials.

TES(2G) and OES(2I) use ASORI-HMT in the side blocks, that is a chobham-ERA sandwich, from what we know currently.

So the issue I posted would be more to do with the internal armour being less than it should be?

Give me a sec to read it.

Yes, it seems like it.

The name “Chobham armour” predates Challenger 2 by two decades:

Yes, but it was still used. The UK decided to call everything on the Cr2 as a Dorchester, but it is a practice to call internal CHobham and External Dorchester for easier comunication. Well, the Cr1 also used Chobham, but it was burnington/chobham shenanigans. Cr2 uses the newer wersion of Chobham (dont ask me for the differences, i dont know). The Cr3 makes it clear with EPSOM internal and Farnham external.
unless i messed up something somewhere

Yeah makes sense. This page from the Haynes CR2 manual mentions that the armour added on top of the structure but below the cosmetic armour is called Dorchester armour.

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But prior to Challenger 2 “Chobham armour” seems to have been used as pretty much a catch all term for UK composite armour.

So people shouldn’t be told that when they see chobham it automatically means it’s to do with Challenger 2.

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Well, the Dorchester is the all around for the Cr2, but when we are talking about Cr2 Chobham refers to internal armor.

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Not sure if this helps but these are two pages relating to Dorchester stuff from the Haynes manual.


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Ok, so the internal armor is Dorchester 1. Chobham is easier to use >:(. Now how do we shorten dorchster. Dr? Dorch? Or i will just use DL1 for the internal armor starting today