It's time for AIM-9X

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I should say - it’s time.
Western nations suffered long enough to deserve a real thing to stand against soviets.
In face of upcoming supermanuverable Su-27 with OP thrust-vectoring R-73 all west jets should get the real counter for it and this is AIM-9X which is only capabable to kill supermanuverable jets like Su-27.

Western jets deserve equal AAM’s. So Gaijin, please.


no. the aim 9m is already a counter to it


Aight so can we get our MICAs and IRIS-T?


The aim-9x is a step to far. It is unknown how maneuverable it is, but at least 50g is estimated, probably higher. I agree that the aim-9m is disappointing compared to an R-73e but it is still leaps and bounds better than most other missiles in warthunder.


How missile without TV can counter missile with TV?

you dont need tvc to counter it… it has longer range smokless motor and arguably better irccm.


They already give 40g AAM-3, but somehow nobody care. But when people start talking about AIM-9X, you guys start screaming like scared.


its just an aim 9m with 10 more g, nothing else

Somkeless motor absolutely pointless in terms of our game.


For Grb its not


I mean, it sure is a counter given that not even the most modern IR missile from Soviet union and the states which came from it dissolution have a equivalent that isnt an Aim-9x, IRIS-T and other similar FPA missiles.

Honestly the tradeoff should just be better IRCCM for lower maneuverability. Later Aim-9M variants (there is like 8 to 11 variants and the one we have in game is the first one or similar) or potentially Aim 9R for navy planes could be on the table

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completely false.

The AIM-95 gives the maneuverability and quantity needed without straying into IIR territory


One is a higher G-load Aim-9M. The other a FPA digital imaging seeker head missile.

Yeah thats is not the appropriate response to thinking R-73 and AAM-3 is too good. Just advocate for slightly better Aim-9M variants or make a suggestion for Aim-9R (first FPA digital imaging seeker head)

I mean there is the issue with Aim-95 and Aim-9R in that they are prototype munitions. Which heavily restricts what aircraft can get them

im already watching us mains complaining because it gets flared by the first flare.


The cope machine is in full motion jesus, 9X is just not the solution


9m is fine (though IR seekers overall need a huge buff, 9m for example is like half the lock range it has IRL)

What we really need is early AMRAAM so everyone else can compete against the Soviets

How are Gripen, F14/15/16, M4k, and MiG-29 supposed to compete against a Su27 with total BVR dominance (4 R-27ER), competitive flight performance, WVR dominance (4 R73 and 2 R-27ET or 6 R73)

The only aspect which the Su27 is less than competitive in is A2G compared to any other 12.3


Su-27 has six R-27ER.

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I have to say I’m personally not a fan of this. The whole “Let’s keep the US gimped as other nations get their 40G capable missiles”. At this point, if you can’t add the Block I 9X but seem fit to say everyone else can have such capable missiles, then it just comes across as gatekeeping.

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