Its now been four months since I've reported That all 40mm muzzle flash is WAY bigger than it should be and still nothing

Four months have now elapsed since I initially reported the issue regarding the disproportionately large size of the 40mm muzzle flash. Unfortunately, there has been no visible resolution or acknowledgment of the problem(aside from being acknowledged). This prolonged period of inaction is disconcerting, especially considering the tangible negative impact it has on the player experience.

The oversized 40mm muzzle flash not only compromises the visual accuracy of the gameplay but also directly affects a player’s ability to engage aircraft confidently. The exaggerated flash obstructs the field of view, making it challenging for players to accurately track and target aircraft. This impediment not only undermines the immersive quality of the gaming experience but also hampers the overall effectiveness of players in countering airborne threats.

Moreover, the issue creates an unintended imbalance, as aircraft, with their unobstructed visibility, gain a significant advantage over ground-based players. The excessive muzzle flash serves as a beacon, inadvertently alerting aircraft to the presence of ground forces with ease. This visibility disparity puts ground-based players at a distinct disadvantage, as they struggle to operate efficiently under compromised visual conditions.

In essence, the unresolved issue not only impacts the authenticity and realism of the gameplay but also introduces an unintended asymmetry that adversely affects the overall balance of the gaming experience. As an engaged user invested in the improvement of the product, I sincerely hope that this extended communication will not only prompt a re-evaluation of the reported concern but also lead to a prompt resolution. Addressing this issue is crucial not only for the sake of visual accuracy but also for restoring balance to the gaming dynamics and ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players


Thank you for your attention to the ongoing issue with the 40mm muzzle flash. I kindly request you to visit the bug report section and support it. Your involvement is vital in bringing awareness to and resolving this matter, contributing to an improved gaming experience for all. Appreciate your time and support!


Only 4 months. Need to give them at least a year, maybe 2


gaijin has bigger issues than a muzzle flash.


definetly. just re-make it at this point the engine or whatever is aging

I reported 6 years ago a spelling mistake, they fixed after 5 years.


How big is the War thunder team at this point, not including the social networking people gaijin locked in the basement

Edit: i feel like they are screwed over fixing all the shit tons of bugs from major updates or stuff randomly breaking just like TF2 with its image of a coconut.

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That’s not bad, I reported the armor on the Conqueror in 2018, still waiting on that one.

I remember a player bugreporting the Ostwind muzzle flash 3 years or so ago.
I remember him every time I fire the Ostwind from 3rd person view :)

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its like they couldn’t give a duck about anything that doesn’t pose a threat to create another review bombing or boycott, or they are just under so much workload creating these events that are hot garbage anyway

I did report the Ostwind ll in 2021

Which today looks like

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ZSU also still looks like this

They really either ignore it or just shoved it down into the list of broken shit

Does it bring money?
Yes → it´s fixed.
No → ignored and in rare cases → not a bug, thread closed.

O hey! It´s you! :D

Sad bomber cockpit noises.

Ho 229 with comic sans font in the cockpit says hello :D
Speaking of which, is the Ho 229 going to recieve its bomb carrying ability in 4 months on the 10th year anniversary of its devblog? [Development]Horten H.IX (Ho.229) - News - War Thunder

At this point I don´t even want them to update the cockpits. The Ar 234 and He 111 five polygon cockpits make me burst out laughing every single time.
It´s even more glorious on the 4k 32" screen I am playing.

Though making both Ar 234 drag shutes available finally would be nice, especially since they are literally modelled on the plane itself.

Yep all bombers in this game really needs some love from the modelling department

The 229 has been nerfed for the majority of it’s lifetime because it was good at CAS, yet I have to see other planes get their belts nerfed and accuracy massively reduced because of their effectiveness… I only see it with the 229 and Kugelblitz… yet 5+ years later they have never reversed the nerfs to HVAP… maybe the accuracy on the 229 is returned at best, not sure about that.

At least for the 229 it’s not an eye sore.

It’s just such a weird line in the sand to not do anything for bombers but to make cockpits for planes I doubt anyone even recognizes or ever uses.


That as well as the missing 2 cm cannon in either rüstsätze or Waffenbehalter form:

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probably because no one really cares? Just a thought.